Friday, September 30, 2011

Knowledge Nugget - How to offset Right Click problem?

I have learnt today (I always make out a message and send it myself
under the subject Knowledge Nugget).

Some websites disable right click function when you browse a page.
Their idea is to prevent you from select & copy info from that site.
Somehow I feel this is highly undemocratic and goes against the
principle of sharing. I can somewhat understand if the item thus
protected is one's own property like photos, drawing, image etc. Even
publicly retrievable info is "right click prevented" in many sites. is one such site. This site is very
valuable for its rich collection of article. I have great regard for
this content provider. But all pages are copy - protected. How do make
a copy for your self? Or send it to someone you love?

Here is one way: Disable javascript for that single site. In Google
Chrome you may proceed like this:

Tools -> Clear browsing data -> Under the hood -> privacy -. Content
settings -> Javacript -> Manage Exceptions -> Enter the URL of the
offending site in the field to indicate that Javascript must be
disabled for the particular site; THEN save whenver you are asked to.

After this if you open you will find a small
icon with X over it on the right hand top corner in the URL bar. This
indicates that javascript has been disabled. Presto, Job done. Then
copy whatever you want.

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