Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thank you - Indivine voters

Thank You - Indivine Voters

I thank all my Indiblog friends for constantly encouraging me by voting for my posts. Most of the bloggers in Indiblog are youngsters and the topic I deal with is almost always on Senior Citizens. Despite this they have shown tremendous sense of encouraging me consistently by voting my blog submittals. I am indebted to them.

I find that F:M ratio is 1:2 . Seema and Joseph Daniel – Special thanks to you both for consistency. As a result of your encouragement, I give nothing in return but this occasional THANKS, my blog has been ranked high and I frequently figure among top posters in “Social – Other Causes” segment.

Great guys and Gals – THANK YOU. Vyasamoorthy - septuagenarian Blogger

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  1. Wonderful to come across your blog.


    I would like to invite you for a bloggers meet in the umbrella of Freelancers Fair in Hyderabad!

    The venue is Brahma Kumaris Shanti Sarovar, GachiBowli
    Date is 7 August.

    This is a paid event as we are supporting a social cause.

    Please message me. Will let you know more details.