Sunday, July 17, 2011

Forthcoming Eleventh Annual Conference of AISCCON in Vizag

Forthcoming Eleventh Annual Conference of AISCCON in Vizag


Recently concluded AISCCON Executive Committee meeting held on July 3rd turned out to be very different in many ways.  For the first time, there was an open session in the forenoon where eminent persons from FAPSCO, Aasara, HelpAge Hyderabad, Pensioners Associations etc were invited. Apart from this ground breaking unification efforts of AISCCON, we could get a glimpse of intensive preparations for the forthcoming 11th AISCCON National Conference in Vishakapatnam during 21st & 22nd November 2011. Mr Raza from HelpAge, Sri Shetty from FAPSCO, Smt Mamatabai from Aasara assured total support for the conference.


Some highlights are:


  • 1000- 1500 delegates are expected
  • Apart from Sneha Sandhya, Vishakapatnam following would be contact points for registering delegates: Prof Visweswaraiah in Hyderabad, Sri Chapke in Mumbai, Sri CS Rao in Karnataka, Sri Kodalikar in Pune, Sri SC Sharma in MP, IM Desai in Gujarat
  • Everyone agreed to work towards enlisting delegates, getting advertisements and sponsorships
  • All EC members to enroll as Reception Committee members by paying Rs 1000

·      A website gives uptodate information. This website presently contains the conference brochure, souvenir advertisement appeal, registration form and other details 

  • Registration Form, First Circular on Conference (about Visakhapatnam), Souvenir Advertisement appeal are ready.

 It is an excellent opportunity for all connected with senior citizens to publicize their wares and services in the exhibition, through souvenir or by active sponsoring many items on the menu.


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