Friday, June 24, 2011

Photo of Trio: RNM RBJ AR

Many of you may not have participated in 14th June 2011 function organised by HelpAge in connection with release of the Pan India Survey on Elder Abuse.
IT is an excellent in depth scientific survey. Most fascinating point that I have noted is that all results are compared with last year's survey results. Very disturbing but expected. You might have read a number of extracts from this study in media reports. 

In my post , you may see the faces of leading luminaries in our field: Sri RN MItal, Dr Rao B Chelikani, Smt Anita Rajendra in the Report on Weaad 2011 in HYderabad

Report on Weaad 2011 in Hyderabad

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Thanks for everyone who took any pains to create awareness about Elder Abuse!

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