Friday, May 20, 2011

What do you do when you die?

What do you do when you die?

When a person dies he stops breathing. The body is no more sensitive
to its environment and starts decaying as none of the physical body
preservation mechanisms work. You cease to be. You become it. The
moment someone dies, say in a hospital, he is referred to as 'the
body' or it. "Has the body arrived?" we ask. No one refers to the body
which you assumed that it was yours, refers to that body as you by
your name. You cause some realization dawn in others. About
impermanency of life. May be you sadden or gladden some of them around

But, about you or of you, what is that continues after you die? Is it
your Soul, spirit, your thoughts, effect of your deeds, Or some kind
of energy still lingering to be dissipated away slowly around from
that space / placeof death? Who knows for certain as to what happens?.
Those who say what happens have not experienced it. And those who have
experienced death are no more available to explain it.

Different religions tell different things about after death threats.
If you believe you may spend your last moments on earth in agony of
impending pain and experience of hell or be jubilated over some Peter
ready to usher you into Heaven.

While none of these questions or doubts can be answered, without
doubt, one thing is certain. Without doing anything specific at all,
one day or the other, you will surely gain the title: "The late


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