Sunday, May 29, 2011

Slogans for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day WEAAD June 15, 2011

Slogans for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
(Author: Dr P Vyasamoorthy)

Abusers of Elders are ungrateful persons: Expose them
Elder Abuse is a Sin: Don't be an irredeemable sinner
Avoid Elder Abuse: Bring culprits to book
Advise Abusers to avoid neglecting Elders
An Elder Abuser is an uncivilized person and a brute: Treat them as outcastes
Civilized societies have zero tolerance for Elder Abuse.
Indian tradition respects Elders: Help continue this tradition
Avoid, Abhor and annihilate Elder Abuse
Re-pay your debt to Elders: Avoid Elder Abuse
Elder abusers will be abused in later years: History will repeat surely.
Indian Law: Forceful transfer of property of senior citizens is
illegal; this can be reversed as null & void!
Indian Law: Penalty for abandonment of Elders is three months in Jail.
Indian Law: Abandon your parents and stay in Jail for three months
Indian Law: You are bound by law to take care of your parents
financially if they are poor
Being Kind to Elders is not a sign of Weakness; Shun Elder Abuse

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  1. I am rather a victim of elder abuse, which is exceptional in nature or rather exception to the rule. I understand your concern in general elders or parents in general get abused by their children.

  2. Thanks for your comment. You may, if you feel like, share your case study for the benefit of others. Total anonymity will be maintained and generalized version will be used for circulation or creation of awareness. My email id:

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