Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Delegating someone to access your Gmail Account

Do you know that you can ask someone else other than yourself to see
and reply or send afresh messages from your Gmail account?

Here is how to do it:

In gmail go to Settings. Choose Grant Access to your Account. Then
enter the email address of the delegated person. Then Press Send
Email. Your friend / assistant will get an email saying that you are
delegating him to send / reply messages on your behalf. Once he
accepts it he can use your email on your behalf.

You can delegate as many as ten persons at a time. This is ideal when
you create an email ID for a small association say APSCCON / AISCCON /
SCF etc and more than one person can handle official mail. The account
may continue for ever but head of the institution may change -- the
new head may just change the password. Imagine the case of President
of an SCA who keeps changing. (Incidentally I did create a Gmail
Account for SCF but it was NEVER used!!)

You can always revoke any access granted at any time to anyone. The
delegate can not delete your Email account or change your password.
The delegate will log in using his own email id and his own password.
In his Gmail he will see a button (top right hand corner)  to access
your mailbox.

Why will you ever do this? When you are away on a vacation you can ask
your trusted friend / assistant to take over urgent messages for
action. Routine message may be handled quickly. It is like signing
office letter For XYZ. There is no need to share your Gmail password
with others for any reason. This is risky and you should not do it
even you trust someone who may be careless!!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Pensioners’ paradise? Bangalore’s a hell hole for senior citizens

Pl come back to this comment after reading the news item.

A six percent annual increase in crimes against elders is a serious
cause for concern. Rules framed in TN under MWPSCA provides for
systematic collection of this specific crime data. In AP our senior
police officers are still sleeping over the draft rules sent for their
comments. Is copying from a neighbouring state so difficult.

Pensioners' paradise? Bangalore's a hell hole for senior citizens
Published: Monday, Feb 21, 2011, 9:23 IST
By Shilpa CB | Place: Bangalore | Agency: DNA

Pensioners continue to be abused in their paradise. Bangalore, which
was once known as the Pensioners' Paradise,has turned into a hell of
sorts for senior citizens.

The notoriety of the Pensioners' Paradise first came to light after a
Helpage India survey in 2009 showed that crimes against the elderly in
Bangalore were half as much as in Delhi, which topped the list of
cities most dangerous for the old. The situation has only continued to
remain grim since.

There is a dedicated helpline number — 1090 — that attends to calls
from harassed senior citizens in Bangalore city. What is astounding is
that a large number of callers have complaints against younger members
of the family.

During 2010, 71 calls recorded on the helpline related to abuse of
senior citizens at the hands of family members. About 64 calls during
this period pertained to cheating of the old by agencies, while
another 43 calls spoke of senior citizens being defrauded by

According to records of the Union home ministry, crimes against the
elderly have been increasing at a rate of 6% each year for the past
few years.

About 47.3 % of abused elders were ill-treated by people who are often
considered part of the social support mechanism for the aged, found Dr
Indira Jai Prakash, professor of psychology and consultant
gerontologist. Arguing that there is no room for complacency, she says
since the expectation that Indian families will take care of the old
is often not met, there is need for a more effective helpline, and
stronger and more organised groups of the elderly themselves.

There are legal lacunae too that need to be set right, to better
secure the country's elderly. A seminar held in the city recently by
the Nightingales Medical Trust and National Institute of Social
Defence favoured setting up a public-private partnership that would
implement the provisions of the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and
Senior Citizens Act.

However, the act itself is in need of amendment to better address the
problems of the elderly. There is no recognition of emotional abuse
within it, points out Shiv Kumar, convenor of the helpline number for
senior citizens.
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

International Day of Older Persons: 18th February 2011 Release of State Awards

International Day of Older Persons: 18th February 2011

Release of State Awards


International Day of Older Persons was celebrated by the Commissioner  Senior Citizens in Hyderabad in a simple function at Ravindra Bharati, Hyderabad on 18th February 2011. This function was earlier scheduled to be held on 1st October  2010 but got postponed due to the then prevailing tense political atmosphere in the city.  Sri Shetty (President of Fapsco), Smt Anita Rajendra ( Commissioner of Disabled Welfare), Smt V Sunitha Laxmareddy (Minister for Indira Kranthi Patham, Pensions, SHGs, Dept of Women, Children, Disabled and Senior Citizens), Sri Suresh Reddy (former Minister), Sri Venkatrama  Reddy (Additional Secretary), Sri Ch Parameswara Reddy (President APSCCON) were on the dais. After lighting of Traditional lamp by dignitaries from the dais and prayer songs by the departmental young ladies and our Rajalingam, the meeting started with full vigor.


Smt Rajendra welcomed one and all to the function. She profusely expressed her embarrassment for the delay and postponement of holding the WED after six months. She said that tribunals under the MWPSCA are very active only in four districts – Nalgonda, Guntur, W Godhavary and Chittoor. Hyderabad and RR Districts have also set up tribunals but no awards have been made nor disposal of cases. She said Rules under act will be released soon;  A proposal has been made to set up an old age home in each district; Aasara type of activity will be extended to all municipalities.


Sri Ch Parameswara Reddy briefly presented a list of demands including starting a separate Commissionerate for Senior Citizens.  He also requested that the department may hold frequent meetings with APSCCON and FAPSCO. Shri BN Shetty of Fapsco reminded the government that senior citizens formed 16% of voters and asked for a budget of 2% in AP.  He also insisted that through a simple GO (without financial commitments) the state government may define senior citizen as one who is sixty as against 65, as already provided for in NPOP.  Smt Sunitha Laxmaiah assured that all the demands will be taken up with appropriate ministries / departments. She even hinted that the present chief minister is supportive of Senior Citizens Cause.


A series of awards to persons and institutions who have rendered yeomen service to the cause of senior citizens was given away at the hands of the minister. Special mention may be made of Smt Kamakshi of SCF, Sri Geddam Raja Reddy of Park View Enclave, Sri Tirupathi Rao of Association of Senior Citizens, ARDSI Deccan Chapter and Smt Marimamma of Guntur. (Rest of the awardees are not much known to me!) Let us congratulate each one of them.  The function ended with a proposal of vote of thanks.


Unlike earlier years when participants were crowd sourced with departmental influence, this year it was spontaneous response from APSCCON and FAPSCO.  To make a difference organizers distributed fruits (as against sweets and Kara) and water packets to members of the audience. What I liked most was the matter of fact (business like) way in which the meeting was conducted. Kudos to Ms Anita Rajendra for organsing the whole event amidst the prevailing confusion and chaos and uncertainity. (govt employees going on strike, Bundhs, political imbalance etc). And special thanks for the perfect Master of Ceremonies who did a remarkable job. 



Requests to friends:

Smt Kamakshi Hatti - If you have one or two photos of this event please send them

Sri JP Venkateswaralu Kindly publish a brief account in Blazing Twilight

Sri Chapke: Kindly include this news in AISCCON News

Sr Bhooma Reddy: You may kindly use this in addition to your own notes for Voice of Senior Citizens


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SCF Donates School Uniform

Senior Citizens Forum donates school Uniforms


SCF, Secunderabad, an affiliate of APSCCON, donated PT dress sets to some 148 kids of Centenary School, Secunderabad during a simple function organized recently in February 2011. Besides this, SCF regularly provides financial assistance to deserving poor but bright children of this school. During this tenth year in succession, SCF offered scholarships to the tune of Rs 30000/-  all collected from members on voluntary basis. Some forty children benefitted this year. SCF Senior Citizens also teach the children,  in addition to taking a few along with them during their picnics and pleasure trips.Dr Vasundar Reddy played a major role in collecting funds.


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