Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Only ten out of 260 eligible persons get OAP in four TN villages

My comments: I strongly feel State level Senior Citizens Federation
must take up such cases suo moto.
Senior Citizens protest in front of Village Officer

Vedasandur: There was a protest by senior citizens in front of Vilage
Officer, Kulatthur about Old Age Pension. Senior citizens in four
villages: Yerramanaickenpatti, Viralipatti, Lakshmanapuram,
Maniakkaranpatti have been applying for Old Age Pension for the past
four years. For the past three years only ten persons ha been given
old age pension. Angered by this indifference, old people surrounded
the Village officer asking that they also be included for

OAP.Kaliammal of Puliampatti said with tears: I am an orphan with no
house, living in a hut built on Purambok lands, and I live by eating
the left over food in Balawadi. Kulatthur municipal head Arunachalam
said: We have sent a list of 260 old people below poverty line. For
the past three years only ten persons are getting OAP. The Village
officer is keeping all the applications with himself and when reminded
he simply returns the application without saying any reason or reply.

Vedsandur Tasildar Selvaraj said: Eligible persons are being given
pension. "Poverty eradication Tasildar (?)" will visit the villages
directly and take necessary action.

Translated by Vyasamoorthy from: Dinamalar (Tamil) October 10th 2010

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  1. The pension that is never given on time is meager too from what I have heard...great should spread the word