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Re: [sss-global] What is common between The Hindu and Deccan Chronicle?

The Deccan Chronicle of Chennai edition has the entire page two devoted to the "issue"
"World Elder abuse awareness day today : Senior citizens are still being abandoned by their children"- surviving the great betrayal in twilight years.

P B Pillai

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What is common between The Hindu and Deccan Chronicle?
Both are Elders Unfriendly: Nothing on WEAAD today!

Throughout the world on June 15th people around the globe observe
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD). Senior citizens associations
conduct meetings. NGOs try to bring in school children and sensitize
them about the need to take care of elders and to respect them. The
governments sponsor events, prizes and awards. The newspapers and the
digital media flood their viewers and readers with Elder Abuse case
studies, interviews, articles etc. Celebrities join the milieu
lending support for this cause.

For Indians and older persons in India this is a serious day. This is
a day to plan and implement activities to build up awareness, prevent
elder abuse and to help victims in a positive manner. I have already
read a couple of cases of EA. Recently I read that a 69 year old widow
in Mahabubnagar has been suffering for 22 years without her husband's
pension not being paid –who retired and also died subsequently) ,
despite a court ruling supporting her demands. Silver Innings
Foundation of Mumbai has a series of activities like: Essay
Competition, Signature campaign, local meetings, publishing articles
in leading dailies. Right today I got an SMS alert on the subject from
Silver Innings. Dr Malakapur Shankar Dass of INPEA, Delhi plays a
prominent role every year towards EA. This year also there was well
attended seminar on "Adult Protective Laws: How effective are they?"
on 12th June in Habitat Center. Central Chronicle carried a detailed
story on the useful survey on EA conducted by HelpAge India. The
survey results are alarming to say the least. Cine Actor and celebrity
Adhyayan lent support for the cause of creating awareness by visiting
an old age home.

However, there are two leading English Language newspapers Deccan
Chronicle and The Hindu. Both are silent on this topic. Not a single
story or a word of mention in their entire paper today. These papers
are anti-senior citizens. They are ungrateful to say the least. It is
the senior citizens who read the newspapers from end to end including
advertisements. Others don't have the time even to skim through. It is
the elderly population that reacts to the stories, editorials and lead
articles published by writing letters to the editor. Again it is the
retiree group that analyses the contents of newspaper and other media
in walkers groups, meetings, discussion forum, blogs etc. Yet again,
it is this group of readers who have stayed with the paper for well
over many decades, owing allegiance and loyalty to their brand.
Everything is wasted on ingrates.

What could be the reason for this absence of any news on EA today?
Shortage of writers or stories? That is bullshit. No space in paper?
Not again true. Is there a ban on helping elderly population> None
that I know of. There are no potential readers? Well nearly 8.5
percent of India's poplation are old people. Aren't they enough?
There is no space in their DIL. That is the fact.

The media guys are plain suckers. They only need money. They will
publish and circulate any non sense, sensationalizing even when there
is no truth. They curry favors from government departments, political
parties and business houses for advertisements. They care nothing for
morality, readers or their view interests or needs. It is high time
that public understands the nasty role of media.

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