Sunday, June 13, 2010

Elder abuse by GOI - OAP Statistics is enough to show.

According to the Annual Report of MOSJE for 2008-09,
GOI has disbursed Rs 200 pm per BPL senior citizen above 65 years as
OAP and the number of persons covered is 163 lakhs..

There are 12.5 cr BPL seniors (30% of 8.36 cr senior citizens in india in 2006)

This works out to 13%. That is, at the all India level, even if all the
money spent has actually reached the proper poor people it will only
be to 13%. Rest 87% are going without  even this Rs 200 pm.

What a shame.

(If anyone is willing to spend time analysing GOI MOSJE data I can
send a 170 pp annual report 2008-09)

If this is not gross elder abuse through neglect what else is?

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