Thursday, April 29, 2010

Step into 100th year and you will get Rs 1000 as award.

This news is interesting. Pl wait a second to read it. In 2008 I
attended a seminar on Elder Abuse, thanks to an invitation from Ms
Mala Kapur Shankar dass. During that time I heard one Dr Ralte speak
of Health aspects of Mizoram elders. I reproduce my noting at that
Dr Jane R Ralte spoke on health access in Mizoram. Here church plays a
major role. Elderly group and senior citizens associations are very
active. Though most needs of Senior citizens are met satisfactorily,
fulfillment of Health needs are wanting. Mizo Senior Citizen
association has a enrollment of (hold your breath) of 54000 seniors.
This goes to prove that smaller states will perform well.
It is very interesting to note the strong SCA in a small Eastern State.

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Step into your 100th year in Mizoram and get Rs 1,000
Written by Mizoram ExpressNewsApr 23, 2010

Aizawl, April 23, 2010: Living up to a ripe age is what most men and
women would die for. People in Mizoram in particular have another
reason to live longer and still be the 'winner' in life. The state
government which is lately seen wooing senior citizens has decided to
give away Rs 1,000 to anyone who crossed the 100th year mark.

"The state's Social Welfare Department will give cash price of Rs
1,000 and a citation to all those who have attained the age of 100,"
Social Welfare Minister, Mr. PC Lalthanliana said during the
38th Mizoram Upa Pawl (Mizoram Elders Association) General Assembly
held in Vanapa Hall here on April 21.

Senior citizens are "an asset for the society" whose advise "can lead
the new generation to the correct path", the minister added. Pu
Lalthanliana also underlined the need to look after senior citizens
and the aged persons in the way they deserved as it is done in
developed countries.

The General Assembly was presided by MUP President, Pu H. Raltawna.
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