Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Negligent Peruvian doctors remove both legs instead of one!


Negligent Peruvian doctors remove both legs instead of one! 

Peruvian doctors amputated the wrong leg by mistake and quickly corrected the situation next day by removing the other leg also. Read the sad story of Villanueva in Callao in Peru

 There is a hospital by name Alberto Sabogal Hospital in Callao in Peru. One Jorge Villanueva was admitted with gangrenous ulcer in the right leg. A negligent team of surgeons amputated the wrong (left, healthy) leg by mistake. Caren Villanueva, daughter of this 86 year old patient, discovered to her horror that the wrong foot has been removed. When this was brought to the notice of hospital authorities, the doctors did another operation the next day – and removed the other leg as well. For, if left as such the infection was likely to endanger patience's life. Villanueva walked in with two legs but was left footless. Hospital authorities immediately suspended the doctors. Peruvian Health Minister Oscar Ugarte said that this is indeed a punishable offence. This was on Jan 5th 2010.

 Nowadays health related services are sold in novel units. For example weight reduction courses for the obese charge their customers in terms of Kg of weight you will (want to) lose. Therefore the advertisement says: Buy ten Kgs and get 2 Kgs free. While taking up such a course you sweat it out by doing strenuous exercises, eat almost nothing at all and lose your weight and ultimately lose your money as well. On similar lines these Peruvian doctors seem to say: Buy one (surgery) and get one free.

 I remember that in 1977 AIMS (Delhi) doctors operated on the wrong eye for cataract but I don't think they went about damaging the other healthy eye by operation saying it will be compensatory complementary surgery! As far back as 2001, one New York Times news item on wrong organs surgery states: Most people can easily tell right from left, but for some surgeons it seems to be a problem. That sums up our plight.


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