Sunday, January 17, 2010

4 ways to revive a friendship

Have you recently browsed through your address book? Normally we refer
to the address book for reaching a specific person either for his
phone, email or physical address. I suggest that just browse through
the address book at random for some five to ten pages. You will find a
number of good contacts who have faded off your memory. How about
reviving those contacts or friendship? If you agree with me and say
within yourself: "yes, it is worth it", then we may look at just four
tips now.

1. Just pick up the phone and call. Nothing like hearing your friend's
voice and gauging its vibrancy. Share anything that you like to by way
of catching up with him. Or you may simply listen and find out what
has been happening in his life. Just ensure that the time of the call
is right – some time when your friend is most likely to be relaxed and
receptive. Just don't do this during his business hours and if you do
you are likely to lose him for ever.
2. Send a greeting card to a long-time-no-see-friend just for no
reason. Just to surprise him. Just to remember or remind him. Be sure
to include your current contact details – even a cell number is
enough. What you write depends upon where you left touch, or what you
heard about him in recent times or anything else personal.
3. You may even decide to call upon him on a Sunday morning if he is
reachable and in your own city. We Indians do not mind surprise
visits without appointment. In fact many would be happy to receive you
with bubbly happiness. In Tamilnadu there is a standard sentence of
welcome for rare visitors: "Hey! Yaar Vandhiruuka Paru" which
translates to: "Hey! Look!! Who has come!". This is presumably
directed to someone else in your friend's house.
4. If you are an old timer and have not lost the habit of writing
letters and sending by snail mail, you can take time to write out a
long letter and send it over through courier or postal department.
This approach is good for guys who aren't lazy and those who feel they
can communicate better in writing.

The first tip is the best in my opinion – it provides instant reaction
of your friend at the end. His voice and its components like tone,
words, pitch etc reveal many things. Second and last methods make you
wait for a response. Sometimes you may not be lucky at all, if the
card or letter is not delivered at all. Personal visit may yield best
results in terms of his reactions but many people change over time and
you can not be always assured that you are welcome at all times.
Anyway it is always best to attempt reviving old friends. This
benefits you and him. JUST TRY and SEE.

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  1. Interesting! I have been following item 1 and have revived old friendships.