Monday, December 7, 2009

Mayacare Errand Services for the Elderly - Pune

Mayacare Services for the Elderly


Mayacare is a Pune based organization set up to provide Out door Services for Senior citizens.  In other words they offer errand services to the elderly who are too weak to carry out their daily routines. This could be fetching medicines, depositing or withdrawing cash from banks, buying groceries, accompanying to hospital or similar things.


A complete range of services and membership charges are listed in the website All services are paid services. The services are rendered by employing educated women who need some financial support. Thereby Maya care helps senior citizens and women in need of part time employment as well. Services are detailed below:



  • Cheque deposit
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Renewal of FDR
  • Money transfer from one account to another


  • Shopping for vegetables/fruits/grocery/pooja items/gifts/ any other item (up to 5 items at a time)
  • Buying of tickets for movie/play
  • Booking train/bus tickets


  • Getting printouts of pictures from the web
  • Getting printouts of e-mails
  • Scanning and e-mailing documents
  • Downloading video from the web and getting a CD


  • Delivery of medicines
  • Delivery of medical reports
  • Delivery of surgical aide equipment for post-operative care


  • Payment of electricity/telephone  bills
  • Payment of house tax


Apart from these regular errand services, their staff members also sit with seniors in hospitals; accompany them for a walk or buying goods and services or to attend to social functions. Reading out books at home is also included. They have tied up with a local library and offer delivery of books for reading at home.


The services are aimed at relatively richer class of senior citizens who can afford some luxury either by themselves or the payments being taken care of by their NRI wards.


Mayacare has an illustrious group of elites like Ms Kiran Bedi, MG Joshi and Ms Vishaka Mulaye on its board of advisors.


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