Saturday, October 31, 2009

Senior World Chronicle

Senior World Chronicle

Senior World Chronicle is a blog providing news affecting senior citizens. It was started in 2000 with just three posts in the entire year. In 2008 the number of posts was 3500 and in 2009 it is bound to cross 4200. News items from all over the world from varied countries like China, Cuba, USA, Nigeria, New Zealand, Philippines, Canada and many other others. India is also covered.

This blog provides one news item per view. There is a chronological expandable index. Every page has a photo of a senior citizen. There is a daily quote thrown in as lagniappe. As news items are taken from newspapers websites etc images are included. One can follow the contents on a daily basis via Twtter ID: seniorworldchr also. Though the URL for the blog is: it is really a blog on Google’s

The coverage is comprehensive, current, carefully selected news items that relate to some aspect of ageing or the other. The blog is owned and maintained by Ravi Chawla who is veteran reporter and journalist. He is a senior citizen (73) himself, widely traveled with experience of having lived in many countries.

If anyone is interested in following seniors News around the globe Senior World Chronicle is THE source. If anyone is satisfied with news emanating in India only then the blog: will do. The latter is an equally good source for news items on senior citizens in India. This is maintained by Dr P Vyasamoorthy of Society for Serving Seniors, Secunderabad.

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