Monday, February 2, 2009

What did your father teach you?

What did your father teach you?

Recently I asked a group of senior citizens who are a part of a Yahoo Group called sss-global this question: What did your father (mother) teach you? Here is a compilation of what some senior citizens learnt from their parents.  

1. Pay your respects to your elders; you never know whose blessings may work.

2. Never fill your plate with food you can not finish. Take little and go for a second serve if required. You never know when you may have to go hungry like many other fellow human beings. Respect the food you eat and the food will respect you.

3. Live within your earnings. Never be in debts.

4. Talk less than you know. Keep others guessing what (how much) you really know.

5. Don't be foolhardy.

6. If you get know the weakness of a friend, never expose that you know even if you think he knows. Always allow him to save his face.

7. Pray to the divine power to die peacefully without being burden to either the son/daughter/son--in-law/daughter-in-law.

8. Do whatever possible help to any person who seeks you in person.

Never say 'i cannot or i don't' if you can.

9. Try and keep your words (promises)

10. If you wish to give anything to any body do it at once .delay may cause a change of mind

11. Above all never forget any help you u got and be grateful ever to them.

12. Be business like in speech - short and crisp, do not be unnecessarily lengthy.

13. Always keep the sword in its scabbard. (Meaning:  keep all things in their appropriate place after use).

14. Procrastination is the thief of time. Do everything well in time. Do not put off.

15. Do not criticize or speak ill of any Holy man / god man. God in His wisdom sends different messengers to cater to different people. If you don't like any one - just keep away.

16. Just pocket the insults from the seniors / bosses. Nothing is achieved by retorting. They will realize their error in time.

17. If a beggar wants food, do not give money - take him to a hotel / eatery and get him food.

18. [You] cannot find God apart from humanity

19. To love from inclination is to love as a man; to love against inclination is to love as a saint.

20. Hatred injures the hater not the hated.

21. You feel vitality in you when you have truth in you.


Do you think the present day Senior Citizens have such experience and wisdom to pass on to their wards?  If the answer is yes, how about youngsters' ability to benefit by the same?



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  1. Nice one. I like your 3rd point, live on your earning. Unfortunately, the current generation is being carried away by the western world and have taken the debt route, which can be a trap.

  2. Thanks, Guha for your comments here and elsewhere in my blog.Kindly also reflect on my last para!