Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pet peeves: Deccan Chronicle

Pet peeves: Deccan Chronicle

One of my chronic pet peeves is that Deccan Chronicle has two
categories for Classified advertisement for Old Age Home. See any
issue of Sunday. Among the Classifieds pages you are sure to find
"Home for Old Age" and "Home for the Aged" coming next to each other.
What is the difference, even the Editor or the guy heading
Advertisements does not know. I know this for certain, for I have made
at least two attempts earlier to find out the mystery behind such
foolishness. Why can not they simply put both under plain "Old Age
Homes"? They are mulish in their attitude and approach and never wish
to learn or revise their opinions or mistakes, even if pointed out.

Why I am whining and wailing about this simple matter, you might
wonder. Well I religiously look for new old age homes (Wav! What an
accidental oxymoron!) every week. I make it a point to contact all the
new entrants and get all info I can over the phone and disseminate
this information to a group of about 500 senior citizens over a Yahoo
Discussion group called sss-global. Every week I am reminded that DC
is not responding to my query. I get bugged. I get even more perturbed
when I realize that the advertisers, who actually pay for the services
are also ignoring the ambiguity in the categorization used by DC. Why
and how to they tolerate this stupidity? How about those guys
inserting multiple advertisements again and again? Are they equally
insensitive and don't bother about the outcome? On what basis they
choose one or the other category, I always wonder.

YOU be the judge and decide what I should do to bring common sense in DC staff?

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