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Not much on Social Justice Ministry’s agenda for Senior Citizens- The New Indian Express

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Not much on Social Justice Ministry's agenda for Senior Ci
By Express News Service  |   Published: 13th January 2017 06:28 PM  |  
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NEW DELHI: The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment is merely doing lip-service when it comes to the welfare of senior citizens of India. In the past three financial years the government has spent just 1.23 crores for various schemes for senior citizens, even as in the year 2016-17 its budget was Rs. 7,350 crore.

This is despite the Ministry in 2016 floating a note to formulate a new national policy for the improving the living of senior citizens focusing on providing benefits of health care and accommodation to the elderly people. The present National Policy on Older Persons dates back to 1999.

The statistics uploaded on the Ministry's website indicate that the government has not spent single penny on awareness generation for maintenance and welfare of parents and senior citizens, setting up of national commission for senior citizens, setting up of helpline for senior citizens at district level or at national level, creation of national trust for aged and implementation of national policy for senior citizens in the Financial Year 2016-17.

In the financial year 2015-16 as well the Ministry had the same track record as far senior citizens are concerned. The Ministry only spent Rs. 1.02 crore in the year for setting up of Helpline for Senior Citizens at a national level. In the previous financial year 2014-15 as well it spent only 0.13 crores for the setting up of the national Helpline.

The government has outsourced the welfare of senior citizens to NGOs to whom it has given Rs. 37 crores as assistance under the scheme of Integrated Programmes for Older Persons in the year 2016-17. In the year 2015-16 also it spent Rs. 27.58 crores under the head and in the year 2014-15 the amount was Rs. 14.99 crores.

As per the Report of the Technical Group on Population Projects constituted by the National Commission on Population the population of 60+ people in India is 118.10 million that is 9.30 percent of the total population. The projected population of senior citizens for the year 2021 is 143.24 million and 10.70 percent of the total population.

The profile of the elderly population shows that a majority of them are in rural areas with a feminisation of the elderly population as the number of elderly women is higher. Also, there has been an increase in the number of the older old (persons above 80 years) and about 30 percent of the elderly population is below the poverty line.

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A Nonagenarian Gerontologist was born on 30th December 2016

A Nonagenarian Gerontologist was born on 30th December 2016

​Sri Roop Naryan Mital celebrated his ninetieth birthday on 30th December 2016. The function was in Secunderabad Club in evening hours, followed by (or ending with, may I say) wholesome dinner. The venue, Eastern lawns, was decorated nicely. The club authorities had taken care even to fog the area with anti mosquito spray and lighted coils all around.

Guests started arriving by 6:15 itself giving themselves ample time to socialize and have mutual introductions.  Unexpected heavy traffic in the city played a spoilsport preventing many coming in time. In fact, Mr Mital himself could arrive an hour late. Some dignitaries had to rush to another function (it was a wedding day also) and they caught him as he stepped down from the car, greeted him, gave their bouquets and briefly exchanged pleasantries, got his blessings and hurried away!  This trend continued for a while, as a few more guests were in a hurry and wanted to wish him first and mark their presence. After almost thirty minutes of such crowding around, he could settle down – I mean literally sit – and ask for some water!

Mr Mital has been working for the cause of senior citizens not just in AP or Telangana but at national level too having been associated with APSCCON, AISCCON, TESCCON, FESCO, FAPSCO, ISU3A , AOSC, SCF, Probus, Lions Clubs etc. Guests who participated came from Mumbai, Guntur, Vizag, Vijayawada, Tenali, Chebrol, Nizamabad, Chennai, Allahabad and elsewhere.

There was a highly informational and inspirational video on the ascendency and achievements of the birthday baby – RNM – prepared with lot of love, care and efforts by Ms Archna Mital.  Mr Mital is an enigmatic and silent person who does not reveal himself much; the video threw many pleasant surprises. Several groups belonging to various associations and circles came, sought his blessings, gave presents bouquets and took photos.

Many guests and invitees read out poems, messages, greetings, citations etc, Dr Sobha Perindevi went one step further. She came up with a complete book titled "The Mighty 90" describing several 90+ achievers, of course, Mr Mital as the focal figure. She got the Cover Page released by our Nonagenarian Gerontologist, Sri Roop Narayan Mital Ji, in the august presence of AISCCON President Sri DN Chapke.

After sumptuous dinner, while invitees were leaving, they were given a memorable return gift of some valuable, artistic glassware along with a copy of Prof PV Ramamurty's book "The Joy of Aging". Choice of this book reveals Mr Mital's passion to help everyone connected with him to be happy for ever. All were praising  Archana and her husband for a fantastic evening meticulously planned and executed to perfection.

Mr Mital is a bundle of indefatigable energy, ever growing enthusiasm and endless passion for service to senior citizens. Reaching ninety is not the end; just another beginning. Seeking his blessings, I wish him Godspeed, as ALWAYS.

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