Thursday, August 25, 2016

Got Elected as EC Member of Aasara Circle 18 Committee

Yesterday  I participated in Aasara meeting in Dy Commissioner's Office, GHMC Circle 18 office. Circle 18 covers Tarnaka, Boudhanagar, Sitafalmandi,West and East Marredpally and rest Secunderabad up to Paradise (SCB excluded). Some 25 Representatives of SCAs from these areas participated. We learnt that many are members in many SCAs. Mrs Aruna, Mr Kannan, Mrs Gertrude and myself were there from SCF. Mr Chepuri Shankar Rao was expected from AOSC, perhaps he could not make it.

As usual the president of the committee,  Mr Vijaya Raju, Dy Commissioner was not available due to other 'pressing' issues. Meeting was chaired by VP Sri V Nageswara Rao assisted by Secretary Dr Vittal Rao. Main item on the agenda was to elect members and office bearers for the committee as the term of last one was over in May 2016. GHMC circular of 27th may 2013 and letter of Sep 2013 were circulated. The election was casual and members were elected by mutual consent and agreement.
Sri P Rajeswara Rao of West Marredpally as Vice President, Dr Vittal rao being re-elected as secretary, some 19 persons were chosen for the committee. Complete list will be released after approval of President.

From the papers circulated, I discovered that I have been an organizing secretary of this 'august' body for three years without ever realizing it!. I vaguely remember Mr Chary once phoning me up some years ago saying the I have been included in some GHMC committee.Now I know how / why I have been getting so many SMS invitations for  circle committee meetings. Though I tried to attend two or three meetings, I did not succeed as the meetings were postponed! To assuage my guilty feelings for being inactive out of ignorance / negligence, and determining to do whatever I can, I volunteered to be a part of the team and I was taken as an EC member. Other members from SCF who were selected are: Mrs Aruna and Mr SR Kannan.

The meeting was useful in learning about several stalwarts who are doing excellent work. Ms Sujatha is compiling (revising) OAH directory. Mr KSL Raju looks after short stay home. Prasad Rao of Tarnaka  and Sri Om prakash again of Tarnaka are proud of very active DCCs. Red Cross needs volunteers from Aasara. Mr Omprakash made an appeal to SCAs to send info on activities for inclusion in Tarnaka Times. Mrs Gertrude entered her driver's name for free supply of a walking stick.

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