Thursday, August 4, 2016

Fwd: MOOC on IMAD from IITM -- FREE FIVE WEEKS Online Course

Free online MOOC from NAPTEL on Application Development

IIT Madras offers Massive Open Online Course (=MOOC) of five weeks duration starting in Sep 2016 on Introduction to Modern Application Development (=IMAD), all for FREE.
No qualifications needed except a basic knowledge of javascript. After five weeks of completion of the course you will have written your own Mobile APP!!!

If there are tech savvy seniors, desirous of dusting their deadly brains, here is an opportunity.
Now read the following message from IIT-M

We want to draw your attention to the IIT Madras (NPTEL) online course
entitled "Introduction to Modern Application Development" (IMAD).

For details, visit and for a short video about
the course, see the IMAD video at

The course instructors are Gaurav Raina (Faculty IITM) and Tanmai
Gopal (IITM Alumnus, CSE, 2012).

Registration for the course is free and all the course videos will be
available online (NPTEL/YouTube). Upon completion of the course, one
can also get certification from IIT Madras.

The students completing this course will have the tangible benefit of
having a shot at getting internships/jobs at some of the top tech
startups/companies in India. Companies such as

ChargeBee <> ,
CloudCherry <> ,
PickYourTrail <> ,
DIGIGRID Energy Solutions <> ,
Playfiks <> ,
USP Studios <> ,
SolverMinds <> , and
Volante Technologies <>

have tied up with us to provide interview opportunities to these
students after the course. We are adding more companies to this list
as we speak. This is a testament to the usefulness of the skills that
the course will be teaching.

This course can be useful for a very wide audience, ranging from
schools, universities, technical institutes, to people working  in
industry. One of the objectives is to get people excited about
technology, and to that end it would be great if you could pass on
information about the course to a wide audience through the various
contacts of the office of international and alumni affairs.

Thank you!

Kind regards,
Dr. Gaurav Raina
Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras

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  1. It seems very higher level course but will try to just open and find the details if I can read leave aside learning . But you are doing very good introduction thanks and Dhanyavaad