Sunday, August 2, 2015

Plantains - Some Rambling Thoughts


[Warning: Here are some rambling thoughts as they arrived, akin to dreaming while awake. In a real dream, scenarios are irrelevant, unconnected ,unreal etc]

“Plantains are not that stiff or hard as carrots or Mullis”, one girl was telling another girl. Don’t let your imagination go wild. They were about to decide whether to cut plantains and few other fruits and make fruit salad or cut other vegetables and make ordinary salads. They had access to a blunt kitchen knife – that was the issue.

Plantains are good for people in all ages. They give instant energy. They are always (perennially) available in the local market to buy.  Cost is highly affordable. Eating bananas needs no special preparation. Some may be so lazy that even peeling the skin to consume plantains may be a task.

Magicians play many simple tricks with plantains. One is to surprise you by showing how a plantain is cut into circular pieces before it is pealed. I have not come across anyone not liking plantains.

Different types of plain fruits grow in different regions. Rasthali, Malai Vaazhai, Poovan, Nendran and Pacchai are some varieties that are common. You might have guessed I am a Tamilian, that is, if you know Tamil.

Tamil cinema songs mention plantains profusely --as commonly as they refer to the moon. Yesterday was Full Moon day and Guru Poornima. Worshipping Guru on full moon day is supposed to bestow many unknown benefits. What is unknown between God and man is that: It is assumed that God knows all and man knows nothing.

Nothing refers to Shoonya, emptiness, void, vacuum, silence (absence of sound), and stillness where no there no energy flow. “Something” we can comprehend but NOTHING we cannot comprehend.

Comprehension involves mental activity. Why does the word have a special meaning when you refer to someone as ‘mental’? Don’t conclude I am mental. If am, so are you, for having chosen to read through this post. Anyway, if you have come this far, THANKS.

(PS: If I have vowed to write compulsorily every day, this is how I might end up)

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