Sunday, June 7, 2015

Weaad Quiz 2015 - Answerable Form

Answers to WEAAD QUIZ 2015 Answer to Q1: c. INPEA was Started in 1997 to prevent and minimize Elder Abuse worldwide Answer to Q2: a This Day is for Creating Awareness among all Answer to Q3: d – This is actually good; don’t you think so? Answer to Q4: b First WEAAD was in 2006 at the UN in NY, USA. Answer to Q5: d: purple. Answer to Q6: c June 15th. It was decided by INPEA in 2006 Answer to Q7: d All the above; many more things may be done. Answer to Q8: b Close Relatives. Source: HelpAge Study 2010 Answer to Q9: Both a and b are OK: Give full marks even if you have ticked even one correctly. Answer to Q10: b -- 50% as per 2014 HelpAge Study 2014 (2015 survey results might be different! Answer to Q11: d. All are active promoters of awareness on EA Answer to Q12: c Madurai Answer to Q13: Any answer is correct. It is YOUR view. C is the advice given most experts. Answer to Q14. C HelpAge Answer to Q15: d Deccan Chronicle. Surprising? Check for yourself!! ===========

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  1. I got 13. only 4 & 15 are wrong.