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WEAAD 2015 Quiz on Elder Abuse

                                                         QUIZ on Elder Abuse
Here is a Quiz consisting of 15 simple questions to answer. The correct answers are given at the end.
If you just a senior citizen, please answer the questions, check your answers. If you score 12 or above please let me know. I try to send you a personalized certificate. If you are an office bearer of a SEnior Citizens Association, please administer this Quiz among your members on or around 15th June 2015; I shall be happy if you share with me the response with me. If you can convert this Quiz as an online scorable game that would be great.Just give a word of credit! Hope we are able to create some awareness through these simple measures.

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WEAD 2015 – Quiz
For some questions more than one option may be correct!!!
1.        What does INPEA stand for?
a.       Indian Poor Elders Association
b.      International Network  for Promoting Elder Abuse
c.       International Network  for Prevention of Elder Abuse
d.      International  Node for Elder Accused
2.       What does WEAAD stand for?
a.       World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
b.      What Elder Abusers Always Do?
c.       World Elders’ Abuse Alert Day
d.      World Elders Action Avoidance Day
3.       Following are common types of Elder Abuse: Pick odd man out
a.       Physical Abuse
b.      Financial Abuse
c.       Neglect and abandonment
d.      Providing money for subsistence
4.       WEAAD was started in the year –
a.       1900
b.      2006
c.       2010
d.      1980
5.       What colour Ribbon or dress is worn on WEAAD to show solidarity among participants?
a.       Yellow
b.      Red
c.       Green
d.      Purple
6.       Every year World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is observed on:
e.      January 1st
f.        December 25th
g.       June 15th
h.      October 1st
7.       Activities suggested for WEAAD include:
a.       Articles in the media, press and TV
b.      Talking to children in school and grand kids
c.       Counseling elders not to hide being a victim; asking them come out in the open
d.      All the above
8.       According to a reputed HelpAge study on EA the victimizers are mostly
a.       Nurses in Hospitals
b.      Close relatives –  DIL /Son / daughter  
c.       Bus drivers and conductors
d.      Friends in Day Care Centers
9.       Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act 2007
               takes care of Elder abuse of following type:
a.       Financial and property abuse
b.      Abandonment
c.       Emotional and mental abuse
d.       Physical and sexual abuse
10.   What % of people across India faced Elder Abuse?
a.       10%
b.      50%
c.       0%
d.      90%

11.   Under mentioned  stalwart is known for creating awareness about Elder Abuse in India
a.       Ms Mala Kapur Shankar Dass
b.      Sri Sailesh Mishra
c.       Sri Mathew Cherian
d.      All the above
12.   Thalaikoothal is a way of killing unwanted elderly person by giving hot water oil bath followed by plenty of coconut water to drink. Where is evil most practiced?
a.       Delhi
b.      Pune
c.       Madurai
d.      Chengalpet
13.   According to you, which of the following advices given to the victim of Elder Abuse is most important?
a.Do not hide or shy away from complaining
B. Never tolerate physical abuse
C. Do not part with property; only mention it in WILL
D. Seek help from Police or friends
14.   Annually, an authentic opinion survey on the prevalence of Elder Abuse is conducted by
a.       Ministry of Social Justice, Delhi
b.      All India Senior Citizens Confederation, Mumbai
c.       HelpAge, Delhi
d.      Institute of Gerontological Studies, Trivandrum
15.   Which Newspaper, if you conduct a simple Google Search, covers Elder Abuse maximum?
a.       The Hindu
b.      Indian Express
c.       Times of India
d.      Deccan Chronicle

Answers to WEAAD QUIZ 2015

Answer to Q1: c. INPEA was Started in 1997 to prevent and minimize Elder Abuse worldwide

Answer to Q2: a  This Day is for Creating Awareness among all

Answer to Q3: d – This is actually good; don’t you think so?

Answer to Q4: b First WEAAD was in 2006 at the UN in NY, USA.

Answer to Q5:  d: purple.

Answer to Q6:  c   June 15th.  It was decided by INPEA in 2006

Answer to Q7:  d All the above; many more things may be done.

Answer to Q8: b Close Relatives. Source: HelpAge Study 2010

Answer to Q9: Both a and b are OK: Give full marks even if you have ticked even one correctly.

Answer to Q10: b  -- 50% as per 2014 HelpAge Study 2014 (2015 survey results might be different!

Answer to Q11: d. All are active promoters of awareness on EA

Answer to Q12: c  Madurai

Answer to Q13: Any answer is correct. It is YOUR view. C is the advice given most experts.

Answer to Q14. C HelpAge

Answer to Q15: d Deccan Chronicle. Surprising?  Check for yourself!!


  1. 13 right. 4 & 15 are wrong.

  2. Thanks. Quite interesting. Happy I got 13.