Thursday, June 11, 2015

Elder Abuse in Mahabharata days

Here is a short story from Mahabharat, translated from Telugu by my friend Sri Chepuri Shankar Rao. Reproduced as it is for wider circulation.

Elder abuse in Mahabharath time.

After Yudistara became emperor, Drtharastra and Gandhari lived with him in the palace for 15 years. They were looked after well by one and all, except Bhima.  They were always  remembering their 100 sons and their pathetic death.   Bhima was always cursing Drtharastra WITH PAINFUL WORDS LIKE ‘THEY ARE STILL LIVING WITHOUT DYING AND SIMPLY  EATING WITHOUT DOING ANY thing’. The couple was annoyed over his attitude and decided to leave the palace and live in the forest. But Yudistar was not agreeing this proposal. Drutha rsastra and Gandhari  were frequently doing fasting on one pretext or other and allowed their bodies to shrink. Drutharashtra, who was having 1000 elephants’ strength,  became very thin and weak. 

Once VYAS mahamuni came to the palace and discussed about the desire of drtharashtras desire to live in the forest. VYAS Muni convinced Yudistar to send Drutha rashtra to forest as desired by him. Before leaving the palace, Druthrasrrta wanted to perform Shrardda karma for Bhishma, Drona and his sons . So he asked for money to do it. EVEN OVER THIS, Bhima did not agree to give money and said let them die in the forest. But Yudistara gave money from his personnel account. After performing Shradda karma Drutha rastra left for forest and lived there for 3 year and died in the engulfed forest fire.

Thus, elders abuse was prevalent even in the Mahabharath time.

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  1. I wonder-how was it condoned by Yudhishtra?Bhim was always obedient of him.