Friday, March 27, 2015

Water Scarcity in Secunderabad Cantonment Area

Even before the summer has set in we are facing acute water problem especially in Secunderabad Cantonment area. We are supplied drinking water in many areas once in 4-5 days. While the norm for household (4 member family) requirements of water is 600 liters / day, SCB is giving  about that much once in 3 or 5 days. Private water tanker traffic has increased so much in the evenings that children and senior citizens can not  walk safely on the roads.  While the official rates for 5000 liters tanker is Rs 400, getting that after a week's daily follow up at Rs 725 is difficult.

My servant maid serves three or four houses. She came two hours early yesterday saying that, in the house she was supposed to go before coming to my house, she was turned away as they did not have water for cleaning vessels or clothes.

As we are charged Rs 320 per month, missing water for a day costs about 30 to 60 rupees.  
At what time we will get water is known only to pump house operator.In our colony one resident meticulously rings up the operator every day and sends SMS to all residents about the of water supply timings. On days I am alone in the house, I had to rush home canceling meetings just for water. If I miss a cycle, another 3-5 days' waiting that I can not afford.  

Already jokes like the following are in circulation: 

1. For his daughter's marriage, he has spent water like money

2. Two rich chemists went to a bar. One said he will have H2O; The other said I will take H2O too. He died.

3. In Hyderabad hotels, water is served in thimbles.
Hey GOD! When will you send plentiful rains to catchment area?


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