Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Maata pitarula seva sadanam old age home

Few seats / beds are available in the Old Age Home Maata Pitrula Seva Sadanam,
Ibrahim patnam near Hyderabad

From: Viswam Vontimitta <>

Dear Sir,   

Old age requires love, affection and tending. It is the bounden duty of the aged children to look after 

their aged parents well. But unfortunately many children are abandoning their responsibility and leaving 

their aged parents at railway stations, hospitals and on highways. The reasons may be different, but it is 

against the norms of civilized society and also age old traditions of our combined family system. When 

the family fails to provide succour, it is the responsibility of the community and the welfare state to 

come forward. As a responsible citizen in the society Sri B.Ch. Ranga Reddy (1925-2013) took up the 

responsibility and started a charity old age home (Maata pitarula seva sadanam) in 2005 to provide food 

and shelter to such abandoned souls. Several philanthropic people joined him and developed it as the 

best charity old age home serving the indigent and helpless elders. 

Maata pitarula seva sadanam received the "Institutional Award for service" for its services for the cause 

of senior citizens on International day of older persons on 1st October, 2011 from the State Government. 

Encouraged by the recognition of the Government, the management constructed a new block at a cost 

of Rs 40 lakh with the cooperation of kind hearted public in the year 2013. This block gives 

accommodation for 25 more senior citizens.

We are admitting elders who are poor and helpless and those who can attend to their daily chores 

themselves without any assistance. A few vacancies are now available in the Sadanam

May I request you to recommend deserving poor elderly persons preferably widows for admission into 

the Sadanam.

With regards

Yours sincerely

Prof V. Visweswariah

With best regards.
Prof V.Visweswariah. 
Associate President, APSCCON
Member, Central Council AISCCON.
President-Mata Piturala Seva Sadanam
Chairmen- Jeevandhara Pharmacy 
(Generic medicine outlet), Osmania Gen. Hospital, Hyd.


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