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Secunderabad Cantonment Board Revises Property Tax

Initially the tax revision proposed was five to 13 times! After listening to several groups of colony representatives, CEO, SCB has decided to reduce the burden substantially ranging from a reduction of 20% to 50%

Secunderabad Cantonment Board distributed property tax demand notices after triennial revision for 2012-15, to...

Posted by Padmanabha Vyasamoorthy on Monday, March 30, 2015

Sunday, March 29, 2015


"GYD Clinics & Diagnostics"
is proud to launch

"Full days of wellness with fun, socialization,
relaxation, exercise and creative learning
Pursue hobbies, learn new skills, or guide&
mentor others
Nutritious lunch & snacks served with love and respect."

"Complete peace of mind at work and a
stimulating safe environment for your loved one!"


Do avail this facility and together let us make a positive difference in the health of your loved ones.

Using GDrive for publishing Newsletters

Using Google Drive for publishing Newsletters

I am connected with editing two newsletters: 1. AOSC Newsletter for Association of Senior Citizens of Hyderabad 2) Abhilash – A quarterly Newsletter of Senior Citizens Forum, Secunderabad. I am also responsible for uploading them regularly into the websites of these Associations hosted at with URLs as below:

For accomplishing the above task, I find Google Drive very useful. In my GDrive, I have created suitable Folders for storing the monthly or quarterly issues of these newsletters. I have shared these FOLDERS with public – in such a manner that anyone with URL for the folder can access them.
In the websites proper, I have given a link to the public URL for the folder.

This way is elegant and advantageous in many ways. Gdrive takes care of presenting the Folder to the user neatly  with thumbnail sketches of the files; It also gives special readers for file types like: Google Doc, MsWord, pdf etc. All you need to do regularly is just to upload the new file every month or quarter into relevant Gdrive Folder. Some website hosting companies may give limited space for storing your files. This is especially true if you using free hosting services. In such cases free space in Gdrive comes handy.

I keep a copy of Gdrive on my hard disk. Automatic synchronization between the Gdrive in Google and my hard disk copy is taken care of by Google. Therefore all I need to do, after creating final version of the newsletter, is to copy the file into local Gdrive. Everything else is taken care of – I don’t even need to specifically upload a new issue!

One problem I have noticed in Gdrive File Upload is this. When you upload some MsWord file into Gdrive, you may keep it as MsWord file or convert it into GDrive doc format. Sometimes the paragraph alignment or other formatting features may get disturbed. End result may not be what you want. This is more likely to happen if your Word File is tightly packed that when there is difference in the page size in MsWord and Google Doc default do not match. To avoid this mishap I always convert MsWord File into pdf. WORD 7 has in built facility to save a document as pdf. Even
Otherwise, free file converters like zamzam are available.

To see the relevant newsletters of AOSC-H are presented to the reader, try: and click the link: All Issues of Newsletters for 2015

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Water Scarcity in Secunderabad Cantonment Area

Even before the summer has set in we are facing acute water problem especially in Secunderabad Cantonment area. We are supplied drinking water in many areas once in 4-5 days. While the norm for household (4 member family) requirements of water is 600 liters / day, SCB is giving  about that much once in 3 or 5 days. Private water tanker traffic has increased so much in the evenings that children and senior citizens can not  walk safely on the roads.  While the official rates for 5000 liters tanker is Rs 400, getting that after a week's daily follow up at Rs 725 is difficult.

My servant maid serves three or four houses. She came two hours early yesterday saying that, in the house she was supposed to go before coming to my house, she was turned away as they did not have water for cleaning vessels or clothes.

As we are charged Rs 320 per month, missing water for a day costs about 30 to 60 rupees.  
At what time we will get water is known only to pump house operator.In our colony one resident meticulously rings up the operator every day and sends SMS to all residents about the of water supply timings. On days I am alone in the house, I had to rush home canceling meetings just for water. If I miss a cycle, another 3-5 days' waiting that I can not afford.  

Already jokes like the following are in circulation: 

1. For his daughter's marriage, he has spent water like money

2. Two rich chemists went to a bar. One said he will have H2O; The other said I will take H2O too. He died.

3. In Hyderabad hotels, water is served in thimbles.
Hey GOD! When will you send plentiful rains to catchment area?


Dr P Vyasamoorthy
30 Gruhalakshmi Colony, Secunderabad 500015 Telangana
LL 040-27846631 / Mobile: 9490804278

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Fwd: [sss-global] Fwd: Points to ponder

I thank my friend Sri V Seshadri for this forward.
Many statements are penetrating.

Every Artist gives his own name to his work.
But there is no artist like a "MOTHER",
who gives birth to a child,
But gives Father's name !!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Life is in Constant Conflict Between Love Ego.
Love Always Wants To Say Sorry
Ego Always Wants To Hear It.!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Forgive others,
not because they deserve forgiveness,
but because you deserve Peace...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Unbelievable fact --
Our body is full of water but wherever it hurts, blood comes out
Our heart is full of Blood but whenever it hurts, TEARS come out.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you have a "Magnetic" personality and
yet people don't get attracted to you - it's not your fault.
They have "Iron" deficiency in their bodies.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

*Coolest. . . . . .*
*"if we sleep on flowers, it's called our first night"*
*"if flowers sleep on us, it's called our last night"*
*Reality of life....*

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pearl of the Day:
"If You want to feel Rich,
Just  Count All The Things You have, That Money cannot Buy."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The best relationship is not the one that brings together perfect people,
 but when each individual learns to live with the imperfections of others
and can admire the other person's good qualities !!!
Posted by: Seshadri V <>

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How to Write a Haiku Poem (with Sample Poems) - wikiHow

How to Write a Haiku Poem

high-koo) are short poems that use sensory language to capture a feeling or image. They are often inspired by an element of nature, a moment of beauty, or another poignant experience. Haiku poetry was originally developed by Japanese poets, and the form was adopted (and adapted) by virtually every modern language, including our own.

The secret to writing great haiku is to be observant and appreciate nature, as detailed below. With that in mind, please join us on your haiku-writing journey, and don't forget to have fun.

There are good examples in the above website.
You have never written a Haiku? Why don't you try?
See the examples given in the website; 
tweak a little here and there; 
make your own haiku.
And share it here. 
My attempts are given below:
Eight Haikus by PVM
21st March 2015
Written on Ugadi Day

It is raining leaves
Leaves everywhere -- only to
Create a rustle as I walk
Gusty winds at night
Rain of tiny unripe mangoes
Never to grow again
Rainy season arrives
Plantain tree stem hides
A tiny frog from cats
The summer heat is horrible
The old man left his home
Only to leave his body behind
Stagnant water stinks
Mosquitoes announce their arrival
by ringing and stinging
Early morning sunshine
welcomes me with a hug
asking the lazy guy in me to run
Hot coffee on Rosewood table
spills as a lizard escapes
pre-tasting my coffee?
LEDs emit cool white light
contrasting the mind within
boiling like some bathtub water
​KIndly leave any Haiku you may be prompted to write, here in this blog as a comment. Thanks​

Friday, March 20, 2015

Senior Citizens and Central budget: Salient points

Senior citizens and Central Budget 2015

·         Beneficiaries:  Nearly 10.5 crore Senior Citizens above 60 years, of which about 1 crore is above 80 years old.
·         Basic Income Tax slabs have not been changed.
·         Unutilized idle money -- 3000 Cr from PPF and 6000 Cr from EPF totaling 9000 Cr – will be pooled to set up a senior citizens welfare fund. This will be used to pay premiums for BPL seniors.
·         A deduction from taxable income up to Rs 60000 for senior citizens (RS 80000 for 80+) towards expenditure on treatment of AIDs Cancer etc; Simple certificate from specialist is enough.
·         Insurance Premium: Deduction under 80D has been increased from Rs 15000 to 30000 to senior citizens. Sons / daughters who pay premium for senior citizen parents can claim deduction up to Rs 30000/-
·         Purchase of Assisted devices (wheel Chair etc) – assistance will be given
·         VPBY -- Varishta Pension Bima Yojana -- introduced last year, available till 14th April 2015, has been exempted from payment of Service Tax. Therefore cheaper by about 12%
·         Super Rich seniors – having an income of one crore and above – will have to pay Rs 64550 extra by way of Income Tax and surcharge.
·          Railway budget provides for:
o   More berths reserved for senior citizens
o   Lower berth preference will be expanded
o   Special ladders in trains.
o   Ticket examiners to be friendly and helpful.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Maata pitarula seva sadanam old age home

Few seats / beds are available in the Old Age Home Maata Pitrula Seva Sadanam,
Ibrahim patnam near Hyderabad

From: Viswam Vontimitta <>

Dear Sir,   

Old age requires love, affection and tending. It is the bounden duty of the aged children to look after 

their aged parents well. But unfortunately many children are abandoning their responsibility and leaving 

their aged parents at railway stations, hospitals and on highways. The reasons may be different, but it is 

against the norms of civilized society and also age old traditions of our combined family system. When 

the family fails to provide succour, it is the responsibility of the community and the welfare state to 

come forward. As a responsible citizen in the society Sri B.Ch. Ranga Reddy (1925-2013) took up the 

responsibility and started a charity old age home (Maata pitarula seva sadanam) in 2005 to provide food 

and shelter to such abandoned souls. Several philanthropic people joined him and developed it as the 

best charity old age home serving the indigent and helpless elders. 

Maata pitarula seva sadanam received the "Institutional Award for service" for its services for the cause 

of senior citizens on International day of older persons on 1st October, 2011 from the State Government. 

Encouraged by the recognition of the Government, the management constructed a new block at a cost 

of Rs 40 lakh with the cooperation of kind hearted public in the year 2013. This block gives 

accommodation for 25 more senior citizens.

We are admitting elders who are poor and helpless and those who can attend to their daily chores 

themselves without any assistance. A few vacancies are now available in the Sadanam

May I request you to recommend deserving poor elderly persons preferably widows for admission into 

the Sadanam.

With regards

Yours sincerely

Prof V. Visweswariah

With best regards.
Prof V.Visweswariah. 
Associate President, APSCCON
Member, Central Council AISCCON.
President-Mata Piturala Seva Sadanam
Chairmen- Jeevandhara Pharmacy 
(Generic medicine outlet), Osmania Gen. Hospital, Hyd.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Wish list of Senior citizens submitted to Minister for Social Justice

Wish List of Senior Citizens from sss-global to the Minister, Social Justice

Chepuri Shankar Rao

Kindly ask for free pass one member who accompanies very senior citizen.
2. Provide free hostels to senior citizens who are neglected by family members.
3. Unclaimed amounts in respect of senior citizens may be utilised for the welfare of senior citizens.

P Vyasamoorthy

Interest Income on Fixed DEposits by senior citizens must be exempt from Income tax. Please see today's announcement by Nadda about geriatric wards in 200+ districts. MOSJE must see to it that this implemented

Gurajada Sobha

1.     Ask for starting  separate department in universities to do research on senior citizens. there are departments like women education.child psychology etc but seniors department is not yet started.
 2.If we visit any govt hospital we observe that old patients are neglected if compared to the other age separate wards should be started.

3. govt old age home  should take responsibility of seniors ill health if they are in the home.They should not send them if they are ill. If they die pleae ask them to take responsibility of doing last rites.

4.Many old people are sitting on the roads as beggars  because of their childrens feeling that elders get more money in begging, if it is proved that some one's son is begging son should  be punished

TNC Rangarajan

There is a point about income tax which requires attention.
Many elders invest their savings in the name of their wife. Under section 64 of the Income Tax Act the income from those investments are added to the husband's total income and taxed at the highest rate. Nirmala Seetharaman says that women are not proxies but the Income Tax Act treats them as such. The quirk is that the asset does not belong to him and she can do what she likes with the income but he has to pay tax on that. Many people may not know about this position and are likely to be blackmailed by some bad taxman.  When a working wife is entitled to tax free income of 2,50,000 why not a wife who is given money by her husband which is not only out of love but also as a recompense for all the domestic services that she renders.
It is high time that section 64 is repealed. This will reduce the artificial tax burden on seniors.

G Balasubramanian
Some of the suggestions from my side :-
1.Reserved seats / berths for senior Citizens in Trains and public buses need to be enhanced.
2. Private bus operators  do not  earmark any seats for Senior Citizens. They need to be told by Govt.
3. Senior Citizens  may be provided suitable rebate in Airfares in all flights by all Domestic Airlines. 
4.Tax Exemption limits be revised upwards for Senior Citizens suitably.
 5.Senior Citizens should be given priority over others in all institutions dealing with Public.

Rajen babu

I have one suggestion please.
the varishta yojana of LIC program which is limited to 6,66,000 may be doubled so as the at least seniors can avail decent income to meet the inflation.

Kalluri Subba Rao

In my opinion, the question of aging population and the health and sustainability  of elders in a country must started with a nodal agency to begin with which can be expanded in different directions to take care of the problems of elderly and to use some of them at least  as an asset rather than as a liability. Therefore the Govt of India must  open up at least 4 Institutes to to tackle the problems of elderly in four side of the country. These Institutes must be provided with generous funding by Delhi in order to tackle the phenomenon of aging  from different dimensions including high level research on aging phenomenon in a comprehensive manner. So Far India has failed in this aspect. We do not need Institutions for fashion technology. We need Institutions to convert aging population into a national asset.

some tome back There were some news items that the Govt of India  has started two Institutes for aging research. It is understood that these are personal oriented and not seriously aimed at studying the aging phenomenon  but only to channelize  the funds in a anachronistic way. We need Institutes to examine the aging phenomenon in a scientific manner with deep research (like in USA and and other European countries) to solve the socialistic problems of the society  elders into a national asset through their respective expertise's.

So, Dear Mittel Saheb Present your views in a different manner and come back with success. My best wishes

Prof. Kalluri Subba Rao

RN Mital

1]Reviewed NPOP should be declared. It is more than 4 years ago that the final draft of the reviewed Policy was submitted. 

2]Though NCSC was constituted more than two years ago, so far not even one meeting has been held.

3] Though the constitution for National Commission for Senior Citizens was drafted last year yet its implementation has been shelved, why? It has been our major demand for the last 10 years.

4] The unclaimed amount with various financial entities amounts to around 40,000 crores, yet  corpus is formed with only 9000Crores and even then  the return is proposed to finance the premiums for pension fund. The beneficiaries will thus be young persons and senior citizens will not be benefited. The whole proposal needs a relook.

5]MWPSC Act 2007- though it was enacted 8 years ago yet 10 states and one UT have still not completed the consequential formalities. Even in states where it has been done, the Act has not been fully operationalised because of lack of publicity. We submit that its provisions are extensively publicized particularly in rural areas so that senior citizens become aware of the protection available  to them.

6]We demand Rs3000 per month per person pension, to all 60+ BPLsenior citizens retirees both of  unorganized & organized sectors; with provision of 50% higher pension to the 80+, keeping In line with the principle of  Minimum  Pension of 50% of minimum wage. .

7] We submit that the programme drawn up by MOSJE for the 12th V year Plan(Ref - your Annual Report) and the commitments made by BJP in their Election Manifesto for the welfare of senior citizens should be respected and implemented in a time bound manner. 


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Diocese of Allentown :: Ignoring, abandoning the elderly is a sin, pope says

​I hope many more religious leaders help fight elder abuse by sensitizing youngsters in this way.


March 04, 2015 at 12:00 PM
By Cindy Wooden Catholic News Service 

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Seeing the elderly only as a burden "is ugly. It's a sin," Pope Francis said at his weekly general audience.

"We must reawaken our collective sense of gratitude, appreciation and hospitality, helping the elderly know they are a living part of their communities" and sources of wisdom for the younger generations, the 78-year-old pope said March 4 at his weekly general audience.

Continuing a series of audience talks about the family, Pope Francis said he would dedicate two talks to the elderly, looking at how they are treated in modern societies and at their vocation within the family.

"An elderly person is not an alien," he said. "The elderly person is us. Soon, or many years from now -- inevitably anyway -- we will be old, even if we don't think about it."

"If we do not learn to treat the elderly well," the pope said, "we won't be treated well either" when the time comes.

In a talk punctuated with references to his own family life, his grandmother and his experience visiting homes for the elderly in Buenos Aires, Pope Francis said even Christians are being influenced by cultures so focused on production and profit, that the biblical exhortations to respect the aged and draw upon their wisdom are being ignored.

"We elderly are all a bit fragile," the pope said, changing his prepared text to include himself among the aged.

The elderly he visited in Buenos Aires, he said, would often tell him that they had many children and that their children visited them. "And when was the last time they came?" the pope said he asked one woman. "She said, 'Well, at Christmas.' It was August. Eight months without a visit from her children. Eight months of being abandoned. This is called a mortal sin. Understand?"

"It is so easy to put our consciences to sleep when there is no love," he said.

"While we are young we are tempted to ignore old age as if it were an illness to hold at bay," he said. "But when we become old, especially if we are poor, sick and alone, we experience the failures of a society programmed for efficiency, which consequently ignores the elderly."

"We want to remove our growing fear of weakness and vulnerability, but doing so we increase the anguish of the elderly," Pope Francis said.

The aged are the "reserve of the wisdom of our people," they have experienced and survived the struggles to raise a family and provide them with a dignified life, he said. Tossing them aside means tossing aside their experience and the way that experience can contribute to making life better today.

A society that cannot show gratitude and affection to the elderly "is a perverse society," the pope said. "The church, faithful to the word of God, cannot tolerate such degeneration."

"Where the elderly are not honored," he said, "there is no future for the young."

Before the audience, Pope Francis met briefly with 60 bishops from 35 countries who were participating in a conference sponsored by the Focolare movement. Addressing the bishops from "the bloodstained lands of Syria, Iraq and Ukraine," the pope assured them he is "united with them" each day in the celebration of the Eucharist. "In the suffering you are experiencing along with your people, you experience the strength that comes from Jesus in the Eucharist, the strength to go forward united in faith and in hope."

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Concessions for senior citizens - all in one place - March 2015

Is there anything new that you did not know already; I found a couple of them, though not significant.

Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment
03-March-2015 15:53 IST
Improving the Condition of Older/Aged Persons

As per available information details of the Welfare Schemes and provisions made by the Government for providing better living standard and to improve the condition of the older/aged persons in the country is below:

(1)Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

 The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment is implementing a Central Sector Scheme of Integrated programme for Older Persons (IPOP) since 1992 with the objective of improving the quality of life of senior citizens by providing basic amenities like shelter, food, medical care and entertainment opportunities and by encouraging productive and active ageing. Under this Scheme, financial assistance (up to 95% in the case of States of Jammu and Kashmir, Sikkim and North-eastern states and 90% for rest of the country) is provided to Non-Governmental/VoluntaryOrganisations, Panchayati Raj Institutions etc. for maintenance of Old Age Homes, Respite Care Homes and Continuous Care Homes, Multi-service centres, mobile medicare units, Day carecentres for Alzheimer's disease /Dementia patients, physiotherapy clinics for older persons etc. The Programme is mainly implemented through Non-Governmental/Voluntary Organisations.

(2)Ministry of Rural Development

 Old age pension is provided under the Indira Gandhi Old Age Pension Scheme (IGNOAPS) which is a component of National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP), implemented by Ministry of Rural Development. Under IGNOAPS, central assistance of Rs. 200/- per month is provided to persons in the age group of 60-79 years and Rs. 500/- per month to persons of 80 years and above and belonging to below poverty line (BPL) household as per the criteria by Government of India. State/UTs have been requested to contribute at least the same amount under the scheme.

(3) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

 Keeping in view the recommendations made in the National Policy on Older Persons, 1999 as well as the State's obligations under the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens, 2007, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare had launched the National Programme for Health Care of the Elderly (NPHCE) during the 11th Plan period to address various health related problems of elderly people.  The basic aim of NPHCE is to provide dedicated health care facilities to the elderly people through State Public health delivery system at primary, secondary and tertiary levels, including outreach services.

            Major components of this programme, launched in 2010-11, are:

·           Community based Primary Healthcare approach;

·           Strengthening of health services for senior citizens at District Hospitals/ CHC/ PHC/ Sub-Centres;

·           Dedicated facilities at 100 District Hospitals with 10 bedded wards for the elderly;

·           Strengthening of 8 Regional Medical Institutions to provide dedicated tertiary level Medical Care for the elderly, with 30 bedded wards and Introduction of PG courses in Geriatric Medicines in the these Institutions and In-Service training of health personnel at all level.

 As on date, a total of 104 districts of 24 States/UTs have been covered under the Programme.

(4)Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue

 A number of incentives have been provided under the Income Tax Act, 1961, to a senior citizen (ie., an individual, resident in India, who is of the age of 60 years or more at any time during the relevant previous year). Some such incentives are enumerated below:

·         A Senior Citizen is liable to Income-Tax if his total income exceeds Rs.3 lakh as against the exemption limit of Rs.2.5 lakh applicable in the case of other individuals.  An individual resident in India who is of the age of 80 years or more at any time during the relevant previous year is liable to income tax if his total income exceeds Rs.5 lakh.

·         Any sum deposited in an account under the Senior Citizens Savings Scheme Rules, 2004 is eligible for deduction under section 80C of the Income-Tax Act subject to a limit of Rs.1.5lakh.

·         A deduction of Rs.20,000/- (Rs.15,000/- in other cases) is allowed under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act in respect of premium paid to effect or keep in force an insurance on the health of an individual being a Senior Citizen.

·         A deduction of Rs.60,000/- (Rs.40,000/- in other cases) is allowed under Section 80DDB of the Income-Tax Act on amount of expenditure actually incurred for the treatment of specified diseases in case of a Senior Citizen.

·         No deduction of tax at source is required to be made under Section 193, 194, 194A, 194EE or 194K of the Income Tax Act in case of Senior Citizen if he furnishes to the deductor a declaration to the effect that the tax on his estimated total income of the relevant previous will be nil.  

·         Under the Service Tax law, activities relating to advancement of education programmes or skill development relating to persons over the age of 65 years residing in a rural area by an entity registered under Section 12AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961 are exempt from Service Tax.


(5)       Ministry of Railways

 The following facilities have been extended by Ministry of Railways from time    to time to senior citizens:

·         As per rules, male Senior Citizens of minimum 60 years and lady Senior Citizens of minimum 58 years are granted concession in the basic fares of all classes of Mail/Express/Rajdhani/Shatabdi/Jan Shatbdi/Duronto group of trains. The element of concession is 40% for men and 50% for women.

·         No proof of age is required at the time of purchasing tickets.  However, they are required to carry some documentary proof as prescribed showing their age or date of birth and have to produce it if demanded by on-board ticket checking staff.  Senior Citizens can book reserve tickets across the reservation counters as well as through internet

·         In the computerised Passenger Reservation System (PRS), there is a provision to allot lower berths to Senior Citizens, Female passengers of 45 years and above automatically, even if no choice is given, subject to availability of accommodation at the time of booking.

·         In all trains having reserved accommodation, a combined quota of two lower births per coach has been earmarked in sleeper, A/C 3 tier and A/C 2 tier classes for the Senior Citizens, Female passengers aged 45 years above and pregnant women when travelling alone.

·         Accommodation is also earmarked for Senior Citizens during specified hours on suburban sections by Central and Western Railways.

·         Instructions exist for provisions of wheel chairs at stations.  This facility is provided, duly escorted by coolies on payment as per present practice.  Moreover, Zonal Railways have also been advised to provide free of cost 'Battery Operated Vehicles for Disabled and Old Aged passengers' at Railway Stations.

·         After departure of the train, if there are vacant lower berths available in the train and if any physically handicapped person booked on the authority of handicapped concession or a senior citizen, who has been allotted upper/middle berth, approaches for allotment of vacant lower berths, the on-board Ticket Checking Staff has been authorised to allot the vacant lower berth to them making necessary entries in the chart.  

·         Separate counters are earmarked at various Passengers Reservation System (PRS) centres for dealing with the reservation requisitions received from physically handicapped persons, senior citizens, ex-MPS, MLAs accredited journalists and freedom fighters, if the average demand per shift not less than 120 tickets. In case there is no justification for earmarking of an exclusive counter for any of these categories of persons including handicapped persons or senior citizens, one or two counters depending upon the total demand are earmarked for dealing with the reservation requests for all these categories of persons.


(6)  Ministry of Home Affairs:

 The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued two detailed advisories dated 27-3-2008 and 30-8-2013 to all States Governments/UTs advising them to take immediate measures to ensure safety and security and for elimination of all forms of neglect, abuse and violence against old persons through initiatives such as identification of senior citizens, sensitization of police personnel regarding safety, security of older persons, regular visit of the beat staff; setting up of toll free senior citizen helpline; setting up of senior citizen security cell; verification of domestic helps, drivers etc.

(7)  Ministry of Civil Aviation:

In order to facilitate the passengers, particularly senior citizens, expectant mothers, passengers with disability, first time travellers etc. all the stakeholders have been instructed to ensure that the following requirements are complied:

·         Airline /airport operator shall ensure provision of automated buggies free of charge for all senior citizens, in the terminal building to facilitate their access to boarding gates located beyond reasonable walking distance at all airports having annual aircraft movements of 50,000 or more. This facility may be extended to other needy passengers on demand basis free of charge.

·         Airport operators shall provide small trolleys after security check for carriage of hand baggage (permitted as per regulation) up to the boarding gate.

·         Airport operator shall adequately display information regarding availability of automated buggies and small trolleys in the terminal building at prominent locations including dos and don'ts regarding the same. This shall also be published on the website of the airport operator.

·         Further, Air India offers 50% discount to senior citizens on the highest economy class Basic Fare. The discount is offered to those who have completed 63 years of age on the date of commencement of journey.

·         Senior citizens can also avail multi-level fares offered by Air India on each sector for travel on domestic sectors, starting from a low level advance purchase fares which facilitate early selling to the highest one.


This information was given by the Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment, Shri Vijay Sampla in a written reply to a question in Lok Sabha today.


Dr P Vyasamoorthy
30 Gruhalakshmi Colony, Secunderabad 500015 Telangana
LL 040-27846631 / Mobile: 9490804278
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