Saturday, January 31, 2015

Three Rishis

Three Rishis



My father told this story

When I was a boy:


Three Rishis were sitting.

One said to the second:

"Are you fine? You look pale!"

After a year, the second replied:

"Fine, Thanks"


After another year,

The third Rishi,

Silently told the other two:

"If you keep disturbing me like this,

I shall move away"


I was reminded of the above story

When I read Sridala Swami's poem

Reproduced below:



Songlines: Six**


Our conversation was short and sweet:

You said: "Lean a little this way and say something"

And I, draping myself neatly over the chair,

Obediently said: "Something"


Now over a year later, your sudden grin

Has kept me talking. It's your turn now.


Say something.



** From the book: Sridala Swamy: escape artist. Aleph,2014.


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