Saturday, January 3, 2015

SCB Elections Jan 2015

SCB Elections Jan 2015

The Secunderabad Cantonment Board consists of nominated and elected members. One member for each of the 8 wards will be elected in the ensuing election on 11th January 2015. For Ward 5 alone where I reside, for a mere 20000 voters, there are 18 contestants of all hues and colors. The competition is very stiff and the election propaganda is much more than that for MLA or MP election. Like Deepavali night, incessant noisy canvassing via vans, banners, posters, personal visits, colony wise meetings, news paper inserts, handbills, street plays, skits, songs, pamphlets and brochures etc are aplenty. Nice pastime to read error full  messages.

The poll code clearly says candidates should not use political party symbols or party leaders should not publicly participate in campaigns. This is blatantly violated. Lots of money is spent, way beyond the stipulated sum. However I find many advantages in this election: Citizens are noticed for the first time as voters and given importance.  Each and every household is visited by all candidates. Office bearers of RWAs are sought after. Lots of "good-for-nothings" get plump part time employment, not just limited to biryani packet and mineral water sachets.

At a personal level, I like the Hungama and am enjoying this nuisance. All candidates distribute pamphlets. I find them very useful to pack and throw coffee powder waste from filter and the like.

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