Saturday, January 31, 2015

Three Rishis

Three Rishis



My father told this story

When I was a boy:


Three Rishis were sitting.

One said to the second:

"Are you fine? You look pale!"

After a year, the second replied:

"Fine, Thanks"


After another year,

The third Rishi,

Silently told the other two:

"If you keep disturbing me like this,

I shall move away"


I was reminded of the above story

When I read Sridala Swami's poem

Reproduced below:



Songlines: Six**


Our conversation was short and sweet:

You said: "Lean a little this way and say something"

And I, draping myself neatly over the chair,

Obediently said: "Something"


Now over a year later, your sudden grin

Has kept me talking. It's your turn now.


Say something.



** From the book: Sridala Swamy: escape artist. Aleph,2014.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Free Diabetes Care for Poor Senior citizens - Chennai - The New Indian Express

Free Diabetes Care for Poor Senior citizens

By Express News Service Published: 19th January 2015 06:00 AM Last Updated: 19th January 2015 05:06 AM

CHENNAI: Soon, volunteers and staff from the MV Hospital for Diabetes will be conducting door-to-door visits in the city's slums and underprivileged tenements to detect and administer care for elderly diabetics.

Announcing the initiative on Sunday, MV's Chief Diabetologist Dr Vijay Viswanathan said that there were plenty of people who had podiatric, kidney and even Tuberculosis issues that were related to diabetes. The service will be free of charge for people aged over 65.

At a programme held to celebrate 10 years of the hospital being a collaborating centre for WHO Research and Analysis, Dr Viswanathan said, "In a decade of its appointment as the centre for research, education and training in Diabetes by WHO Geneva, MV Hospital for Diabetes, Royapuram has been conducting various research activities on prevention and identification of predictors of diabetes and its complication." Health Secretary Dr J Radhakrishnan felicitated the diabetologist and lauded the initiatives launched by them to combat the burden of diabetes.

Additionally, the Professor M Viswanathan DRC Gold Medal Oration was delivered by NIRT Director Sowmya Swaminathan.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Care of the Elderly: Tips for Youth Volunteers

Care of the Elderly: Tips for Youth Volunteers

Tasks that may be needed to be performed by youth volunteers
(Compiled out of contributions from members of sss-global group)

·        Run errands – buy vegetables, food, provisions, medicines etc
·        Deposit cheques  and collect cash – cash cheques from Banks / ATMs
·        Accompany the elder, to doctor, hospital etc
·        Read out letters, books etc
·        Sit and listen to their talking & give company
·        Help in kitchen, cut vegetables, cook, grind materials using mixie
·        Get, supervise and arrange for small repair works plumbing electrical etc
·        Keep company at night when sick
·        Get things repaired – spectacles, hearing aids etc
·        Help as relief / substitute when regular care giver is unavailable for a couple of hours
·        Get laundry. Dhobi work done
·        Pay bills – water, electricity, taxes etc
·        Get photocopies, post courier parcels letters.
·        Make a list of things to be done and remind the elder over phone
·        I think the most important thing they can do is to teach how to deal/communicate with and understand todays' young generation.
·        Teach them use of smart gadgets like smart mobile. Explain and, if possible, rectify aberrations in use of laptops, tabs etc
·        Teach use of e-readers, synchronization with mobile and laptop and the like
·        They may help in: 1)paying bills.2)Cash withdrawals.3)Kitchen help.4)Running errands.5)Taking to doctors.
*   Teach how to deal / communicate with understanding today's younger generation.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

By Force of Habit

By Force of Habit
(By Vyasamoorthy)

Before retiring to bed,
I switch on the Mosquito Liquid dispenser,
without realizing that
the container is empty;
(which only serves the purpose of a faint night lamp
just showing me where the switches are)
By force of habit, I would say.

For 28 years,
I had lived in Shenoy Nagar, near Aminjikarai,
in Madras.
Whenever I set out for shopping
I used to tell my mother or others:
“I will go to Aminjikarai and come”
Now, I have settled
in Secunderabad since 1970 -
some 45 years have rolled by.
Lakshmi nagar and Karkhana
are neighborhood shopping places.
When I set out for local shopping,
I tell my children,
 “I will go to Aminjikarai and come”,
By force of habit, I dare say.

Last week
I was reading some very interesting news
that I wanted to share.
I called out
my wife’s name
instead of my daughter’s name,
though it is five years,
since my wife passed away.
By force of habit, I must say.

Will such things that you do
By force habit
Leave you
When you finally LEAVE?
Will YOU get into somebody else’s psyche
And become his force of habit?

A park for senior citizens in Bangalore

Here is a park with an exclusive area marked for the elderly. An almost complete set of equipments tools and accessories are provided to help seniors keep fit, relax their knee bones and knuckles and breathe fresh air. Though Dada Nani Park is there Mumbai and chandigarh, this one in Basavangudi, Bangalore is specially meant to keep the older generation healthier via exercise route. Read an interview from Deccan Herald about this park.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

SCB Elections Jan 2015

SCB Elections Jan 2015

The Secunderabad Cantonment Board consists of nominated and elected members. One member for each of the 8 wards will be elected in the ensuing election on 11th January 2015. For Ward 5 alone where I reside, for a mere 20000 voters, there are 18 contestants of all hues and colors. The competition is very stiff and the election propaganda is much more than that for MLA or MP election. Like Deepavali night, incessant noisy canvassing via vans, banners, posters, personal visits, colony wise meetings, news paper inserts, handbills, street plays, skits, songs, pamphlets and brochures etc are aplenty. Nice pastime to read error full  messages.

The poll code clearly says candidates should not use political party symbols or party leaders should not publicly participate in campaigns. This is blatantly violated. Lots of money is spent, way beyond the stipulated sum. However I find many advantages in this election: Citizens are noticed for the first time as voters and given importance.  Each and every household is visited by all candidates. Office bearers of RWAs are sought after. Lots of "good-for-nothings" get plump part time employment, not just limited to biryani packet and mineral water sachets.

At a personal level, I like the Hungama and am enjoying this nuisance. All candidates distribute pamphlets. I find them very useful to pack and throw coffee powder waste from filter and the like.

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