Wednesday, December 31, 2014

DOT and its meaningless ban on

DOT and its meaningless ban on

I am a signed-up member of Weebly provides free web hosting services. They also have premium (fee based) services for registering domain names, running sophisticated high-end websites involving or offering e-commerce, online payments, high volume traffic / storage etc. I have set up and administer, free of charge, as a part of social service, three simple functional websites on weebly, namely:
1.          For the Association of Senior Citizens, Hyderabad (known as Lions Bhavan Association popularly)
2.         For Senior Citizens Forum, Secunderabad – A twenty year old SCA that recently won Telangana State Govt Award

3.          For Confederation of Cantonment Resident Welfare Associations, Secunderabad.  (a seven year old confederation of 70 colony RWAs as members)

However, recently I discovered, some three weeks ago, that the site OR is not reachable.  I ha​d​
access to their dashboard (Control Panel of some sort) which I can reach using special UserId and Password, after reaching main  That is, their Home Page.   This special access helps me add / delete / change content on the websites I manage.
​ Now this access is gone.​

I complained to weebly via their FB page. They replied stating that my ISP has banned access to their website. I checked with a large number of my friends having Internet access via many different ISPs. I learnt only BSNL Broad Band subscribers are having problem. I lodged a complaint with BSNL and followed it up almost on daily basis. Finally I learn that DOT has banned due to security reasons.

Not only that websites updating work has been held up but I have to find out an alternate site similar to weebly and move my three websites there, involving a lot of unnecessary work and inconvenience.

My questions are:

·         What are the security concerns?
·         Why BSNL alone is implementing the ban? (I am able to access weebly via Airtel)
·         When websites (content) hosted on weebly are still accessible, why ban only access to their home page and thus users' dashboards?
·         If a certain website is banned, is it not the duty of DOT to inform all concerned about the ban through ISPs like BSNL etc?
·         Don't you think BSNL is showing scant respect to its BB subscribers?

Can you think of any reasons why DOT is behaving erratically, apparently without any explanations?


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