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WED State Function 2014 Notes

Note on Telangana State Level Function on International Day of Older Persons held on 1st October 2014 in Indira Priyadarsini Auditorium Hyderabad


The meeting, which started on time at 10:30 am, was organized by the Department of Women and Child Welfare Disabled welfare and Senior Citizens. Smt Lata Mittal rendered the Prayer.  The hall was jam-packed with about 600 participants. We were entertained for nearly half an hour by songs. Smt Mamata Bai did a splendid job as Master of Ceremonies. Dr Krishnamurthy gave a Telugu song, followed by a Hindi song by Ms Chandrakala.  Sri Rajkumar of GHMC Played lively songs on Mouth Organ. Sri Chowdhary from LB Nagar narrated some jokes. Sri Chandrasekar gave the famous Jai Telangana song.


Seated on the dais were: Sri Sunil Kumar Sharma, Principal Secretary (WCDS), Smt Amarpali Kata, Director; Sri  Mohan Reddy President Fesco;  Dr Rao Chelikani, Hon President Fesco; Sri V Nageswara Rao President, Tesccon; Smt Sailaja Director Disabled Welfare; Sri Kanakaratnam Secretary General Fesco, Sri Uppula Gopala Rao. In the row behind many seniors including Ms Kamashi, Ms Sarojini Narasimha and others were present.


Ms Amarpali welcomed all on behalf of the department. She said the Telangana Government is keen on the welfare of senior citizens. MWPSCA provides protection and security much needed for older persons. A state level policy based on NPOP has been formulated. Both short term (1 year) and long term (5 years) plan of action has been drawn up. One OAH in each district has been planned. Raising awareness among people is a huge task and in this we can progress with a targeted approach and focusing on results. She was humorous taking a dig at their own deficiencies.


Sri Mohan Reddy: He asked for Bus Fare Concession, land for a building for FESCO. He mentioned that when we approach department officials we have personal axe to grind and are only representing the poor senior citizens, voicing their plight. The department must conduct frequent meetings and interactions with SCAs to know the pulse of the people. He proved to be a seasoned politician making a rhetorical resounding speech.


Sri V Nageswara Rao: He said though some 24 demands were made in 2010 and repeated year after year but only one demand – Old Age Pension – has been heard.  Hundreds of letters have been sent to the department but only one reply has come so far. He also lamented on the lack of support from media.


Next, Sri Kanakaratnam made the longest speech despite promising to be short and said senior citizens can be used for counseling in police stations; Govt must utilize the wisdom and experience untapped in elders. Ms Kamakshi sensed the mood and made the shortest but powerful speech: requested the government to open a window for frequent interaction with senior citizens so that our energies and wisdom could be tapped – to help us give back to the society what they have given us. Thereafter, Sri Mustafa Ansari from karimnagar, mentioned how cases under 498A have been tackled helping people avoid even filing FIR; how they have tied up with hospitals to offer lowest rates for seniors' heath care; How they have counseled Failed Inter Students to help them pass in successive attempts. Sri Gopala Rao urged the government to implement NPOP in full; He said that State and district committees must be re-vamped and made to meet often. His paper was distributed to avoid a lengthy talk.


Dr Rao Chelikani was the only person to speak on the Theme of IDOP for 2014: "Leaving no one behind; Promoting the Society for All". This involves ensuring the concept of Inclusive growth – all sections must have equal opportunity to grow and prosper.


Sri Sunil Sharma, on behalf of the department, assured that MWPSCA will be implemented in full; he said OAHs are not a complete solution to our problems; He narrated many cases showing how retired employees have been taken as advisors who have proved extremely useful. Retirees should pursue hobbies that they could not do during working years. He said that the Chief Minister of Telangana is keen on Seniors' issue.


Smt Sailaja did not speak but was seen busy with Awards certificates, citations and the contribution of her team could be felt in smooth progress of the event.


This was followed by Awards distribution ceremony. Sixteen institutions / Individuals were honored. Complete list is appended. Awardees were given a certificate, shawl, a cash envelope containing Rs 1500/-; of course they were photographed. A brief citation was read out about each.


If the Awards function had been sandwiched between entertainment and routine speeches, the hall may not have been almost empty when awards were given out. It is very sad to note that senior citizens themselves do not feel it necessary to have patience, to participate and to applaud those receiving awards. What right do we have to complain about neglect by the rest of the society?


On their way out, participants were give Food packets as it was almost time for lunch.



List of Awardees



Senior Citizens Welfare Association ASRao Nagar Hyderabad  (Best in Research on Ageing) (Dr G Nageshwar Rao)


Senior Citizens Forum, Secunderabad (Best Institution award) (Ms Kamakshi)


Social Action for Integrated Development Services, Adilabad (Best Inst award)


Marakook Village Panchayat, Medak (Best District / Panchayat)


Senior Citizens Forum Subash Nagar Nizamabad  (Best Urban Local Body)


AD, DWSC, Karimnagar (Best Dist in implementing MWPSCA)


Chamber of Commerce, Khammam (best private sector organization)


Prashant Clinic, khammam (best private sector organization)



Sri Pola Nagaiah Gupta Khammam (95) Centenarian


Smt Sarojini Narasimhan Secunderabad (Iconic mother)


Sro Vure Venkaiah, Nalgonda (Lifetime achievement)


Md Mustafa Ansari, Kashim Gadda Karimnagar (lifetime achievement)


Sri Thota Lakshman Rao, Karimnagar ( creative arts))


Sri Kondaveti Radhakrishna, Ibrahimpatnam RR District


Smt V Subbamma (Sports and Adventure)


Dr Kasthala Sudhakar Adilabad


Dr P Vyasamoorthy
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