Friday, October 3, 2014

Book Review - Shantinagar SCA Convention Souvenir 2014

Book Review: Souvenir Released on the occasion of First Convention of Senior Citizens Associations in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad. 28th September 2014

This hundred page book contains 40 articles – 13 in Telugu and rest in English. The selection of articles has done justice to the theme of the convention viz:  "Gracious Ageing with dignity, self confidence, self respect and holistic health".  The topics covered include: productive ageing, elder abuse, healthcare, religion and senior citizens, governmental efforts, history of Telangana, info on SCAs / Institutions like those of Tarnaka, Malkajgiri, Shantinagar, Helpage  etc.

Prof Visweswaraiah traces International conventions and national initiatives succinctly in just pages. On Elder abuse, there are two papers: Vyasamoorthy presents an overview on what society, NGOs, SCAs, individuals, government etc can or should do, while Sri MB Kulkarni discusses same topic in great detail; his listing of tasks for the society is exciting and thought provoking. Papers on religious injunctions on treating the elderly are meaningful. There is one fully scientific paper – not easy to digest by Dr KS Rao. Murthy gives advice on sensitizing youth to respect the elderly. Mital elaborates on the status, problems and solutions of the older persons in India. On the theme of World Elders Day 2014 – Dr Chelikani Rao has a stimulating paper – talks of inclusive growth for all. That the souvenir is very up to date in contents may be seen from the inclusion of comments sent to GOI on (setting up of) National Senior Citizens Commission Bill.

The printing and get up are excellent. It contains about 12 pages of advertisements. The book is bound to be a treasure for souvenir collectors and senior citizens.

Publisher:  Senior Citizens Association, Shantinagar, Masab Tank Hyderabad 500028.
Contact Sri GA Rahim President Mobile: 9948496848 

Dr P Vyasamoorthy
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