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KLN Award: The first KLN Award goes to: Dr. Padmanabha Vyasamoorthy !

KLN Award
The first KLN Award goes to: Dr. Padmanabha Vyasamoorthy !

Dr. Padmanabha Vyasamoorthy, a septuagenarian from Hyderabad, is a PhD in Library Science.
During his pre-retirement career, he set up and ran libraries and Information centers for academic,
research, and industrial organizations such as the Technical Teachers’ Training Institute, Madras,
Informatics India, Bangalore, and Indian Detonators, Satyam Computers, and ICICI Knowledge Park,

Since retirement, Dr. Vyasamoorthy has been involved with Aging and Aged Care issues, and
contributed extensively to the literature of social gerontology. He started and moderates a Yahoo group
for senior citizens, SSS Global, that is currently ranked 1st in over 26,000 groups focused on seniors.
Dr. Vyasamoorthy maintains multiple blogs, moderates multiple discussion groups, and edits two
online dailies. He has written six e-books and numerous articles and papers. Dr. Vyasamoorthy
maintains the websites for the Association of Senior Citizens of Hyderabad and All India Senior
Citizens Confederation, where he also serves as an officer. Dr. Vyasamoorthy’s services to senior
citizens were recognized by citation by the Government of Andhra Pradesh in 2007, and he was
awarded the Silver Innings-iCONGO Karmaveer Chakra 2011 for Exceptional Work for Senior

Dr. Vyasamoorthy currently serves as President, Society for Serving Seniors, Secunderabad;
President, Association of Senior Citizens, Hyderabad; Joint Secretary, Andhra Pradesh Senior
Citizens Confederation; Joint Secretary. All India Senior Citizens Confederation; and Vice President,
Senior Citizens Forum, Secunderabad. Dr. Vyasamoorthy has in the past served as Joint Secretary,
Confederation of Cantonment Resident Welfare Associations in Secunderabad (CCRWAS) and as
Vice President, Federation of Andhra Pradesh Senior Citizens Organizations. He is a member of the
Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India (ARDSI), Hyderabad Deccan chapter, and the
University of the Third Age (U3A India),. He also volunteers at Aasara, the Greater Hyderabad
Municipal Corporation’s outreach effort to senior citizens.

Dr. Vyasamoorthy retired around the same time as the internet was beginning to take off in the late
1990s, Google was in its infancy in a garage in California, and nobody had heard of “social media”
since it had yet to take birth. Dr. Vyasamoorthy used all three, as they emerged, in effective ways to
empower himself. He kept pace with technology, and through technology, with the forces changing the
society around him. As an elder care activist, he used his skills, training, knowledge and expertise in
technology to, in turn, disseminate to seniors, ideas, trends, and challenges that they were likely to
encounter in a changing world. For his role as a social catalyst in the area of elder empowerment and
elder care, we are pleased to award him the first KLN Award.

June 5, 2014!


Details about the KLN Award
June 1, 2014
The KLN Award!

We are pleased to announce the institution of the KLN Award.
The KLN Award seeks to recognize individuals, social catalysts, who have advanced our
understanding and awareness of issues and challenges affecting elders, thereby enhancing the
dignity, care, and well-being of elders in a changing society.
The KLN Award will be given up to four times a year. The awardee receives a certificate and a
cheque for Rs. 200,000.  The name of the first awardee will be announced on June 5, 2014, and the award presented on
June 15, the United Nations’ World Elder Abuse Awareness day.
You can find more information about the KLN Award and its purpose at

Challa Shantha
Manohar Kanuri
Contact: Manohar at or tweet us @KLNAward! !

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