Friday, June 6, 2014

KLN Award and Google: A BIG THANK YOU to ALL my Friends

KLN Award and Google:  A BIG THANK YOU to ALL my Friends

Upon receipt of information about my getting the KLN Award for the services to the elderly, I got drenched fully in a rain of congratulatory messages from various quarters – sss-global, ex-idl, Bhavana-lucknow, aisccon, ISU3A, Lis-Forum and other groups; from my friends in FaceBook, Twitter, GPlus, LinkedIn etc. A very large number of my friends have been very generous in inflating my Ego. Frankly, much against my nature, I was in Cloud Nine, hesitating to climb down! As it is difficult, if not impossible, for me to individually acknowledge each well wisher, I am choosing to send a million thanks via this missive. I have made a table of all those to whom thanks are due. If I have missed some, it is just a slip, pardon me.

Sri Kanuri Manohar
Sri G Srinivasan CBE
Sri SV Chalapathy
Sri Subramananian Srinivasan
Prof V Ramamurti
Sri Kalluri Subba Rao
Sri M Puparelia
Sr gyanendra Khare
Sri Y Markandeyulu
Sri DN Chapke
Sri P Ramachandran
Sri M Hanumantha Rao
Sri Raghavan Poova
Sri Govinfdarajan
Smt Gowri Jayaram
Sri Prabhakar Chhatre
Sri VRV Rao
Sri A Suryanarayana
Sri Khanapur Krishna Rao
Justice TNC Rangarajan
Sri Venkatramani Ramana
Sri T Koteswar Rao
Sri KV Shastry
Sri Vijaya Anand
Sri IM Bhalla
Smt Parveen Ansar
Smt Susheela
Sri RN Mital
Sri M Ruparelia
Sri Nityanandam
Sri VK Shukla
Sri Sailesh Mishra
Smt Jayanti
Sri Pattabhraman
Dr T Thomas
Sri Lohitakshan
Sri Vitthal Rao Lakaraju
Sri R Bashyam
Sri Annavajla Sarma
Sri Ramesh Bukkapatnam
Sri Mumtaz Khan
Sri NV Murthy
Sri Mandagiri Rangaswamy
Sri V Sriram
Sri RK Chitrapu
Sri Raman Bharadwaj
Wing Cmdr Bharat Bhushan
Sri AP Singh
Sri J Nandakumar
Sri C Madhusudhana Rao
Dr Balambal
Sri K Paarthasarathy
Sri Jagannath Madhavan
Sri Dinesh Babel
Sri KA Raju
Sri IM Desai
Sri Mohan Surya
Sri AK Malhotra
Sri K Rajasekaran
Sri Vellimedu Sashadri
Smt Tandra Mukerji
Sri IVLN Chary
Sri Gurusamy Balasubramanian
Sri P Chhatre
Smt Shyamala
Sri Badrinarayana Miriyala
Sri RV Rao
Dr A Lakshmana Moorthy
Sri Haneefa Rawuther
Sri Chandwaskar
Sri Mudigonda Lingaamurthy
Smt Anureeta Saigal
Smt Sobha
Smt Kamakshi Hatti
Sri Harikishan
Sri Vasudevamurthy
Sri NV Satyanarayana
Sri Daljit Singh Grewal
IndLibs Group
Sri Narasimha Rao (IDL)
Dr Sugan Bhatia
Sri Bhagwanulu
Prof Varalakshmi
I have put Sri K Manohar as the first person to thank, not just for the award itself;  but also because of his innovative Twittering techniques, I have seen hundreds of tweets about this ward.

Many friends have been asking for details about KLN Award. Complete details are given in The KLN Award seeks to recognize individuals, social catalysts, who have advanced our understanding and awareness of issues and challenges affecting elders, thereby enhancing the dignity, care, and well-being of elders in a changing society. The KLN Award will be given up to four times a year. The awardee receives a certificate and a cheque for Rs. 200,000.  The name of the first awardee (Dr Padmanabha Vyasamoorthy) was announced on June 5th 2014. It will be given on June 15, the United Nations’ World Elder Abuse Awareness day.  The website answers all doubts through an FAQ. This award is not based on any application from individuals and subsequent selection. You cannot send nominations or recommendations. The KLN Award Committee searches, sifts, selects and reaches out to the suitable candidate concerned on its own.

All along I have taken pride in searching Google for answering my own and others queries and consider myself as a semi-expert.  Deccan Chronicle called me The Internet Hunter sometime ago. For a change, KLN Award Committee googled and reached me as a suitable person for the award!. Sri Manohar Kanuri of met me personally some months ago and thereafter we exchanged many email messages and telephone calls.  Therefore I am happy about the role played by Google and the Internet in general – I am pleased that I have left enough footprints to trace me down.

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