Saturday, May 10, 2014

List of books - both print and Ebook - published by P Vyasamoorthy

Books - both print and Ebooks - by Dr P Vyasamoorthy (as of May 2014)

1.      Unsolicited Advice to Enigmatic Elders: Too many Questions, Too few Answers.
A5. 120 pages. May 2010. Rs 200.00 for paper print version Order at:
Ebook Version free from Author.
2.      29 Questions that our MPs asked about Senior Citizens and the Answers they got.(During 2009-2010) 60 pages. 2010. Available free at:
3.      Let Us Laugh At Ourselves: A Collection of Jokes on Frailties of Old Age. A5. 90 pages. Ebook Available for free download at:
4.      A Directory of NGOs and VOs in Andhra Pradesh working in the area of the Aged and Elderly Persons. A4. June 2010 108 pages. Ebook available for free at:
5.      Directories similar to item 4 for Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu are available with Author prepared in same year.
6.      Pebbles on the Shore. A Collection of Short Stories by VK Narasimhan. A5. 58 pages. Thirteen Stories. June 2011. (Compiled in ebook - pdf format by Vyasamoorthy).

7.      AISCCON Guide for Elder Care Homes. Co-authored with Prof V Ramamurti. Published AISCCON. 2012. 90 pages. Soft Copy version also available with Author.

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