Friday, May 23, 2014

Google and I

This refers to Sri Govindarajan's message (reproduced below) giving link to Perry Mason Novels

Thanks for a very useful link. 
Very useful for oldies like us who lived in ESG (Earle Stanley Gardner) era.
Indeed, that Bihar Public Service Commission website is an Odd place to look for it.
Only Google could have led you to this source.

Last night, I woke up midway after an alarming horrific dream: 
Google had suddenly disappeared without a trace like MH370.
I was so shattered and confused that I sat up dazed.
Then I started Isha Kriya Meditation to calm my mind.
Started repeating: "I am not the Body; I am not even the Mind" 
Then I could not recollect the third sentence that follows the above two;
However much I tried my memory failed.
Got up, (it was 3:10 am) switched on the PC and searched Google.
Got instructions for Isha Kriya meditation from Isha Yoga site.
Discovered to my utter surprise and relief that there are only two sentences to repeat:
"I am not the body. " I am not even the mind"
There is no third sentence to  recall or recollect!!!
Also realized that GOOGLE has not disappeared.
Ecstatic with joy, I spent another hour without sleep --
thereafter slept off till 7:30 am!!!


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On Fri, May 23, 2014 at 6:48 AM, 'Govindarajan.L.N.' [sss-global] <> wrote:

Before the television invasion, reading was the main pastime. Perry Mason novels were very popular. These books were available at roadside private lending libraries at affordable cost. When I read a mail on Erle Stanley Gardner in SSS forum,  I had an urge to read the novels again. I googled and found that 88 Novels are available for free download from Bihar Public Service commission site. Here is the link.

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