Friday, November 1, 2013

Volunteering Opportunity for Senior Citizens: Gandhian School, Picket, Secunderabad

Volunteering opportunity to serve children: Gandhian School, Picket, Secunderabad
(from: Dr Ananda Prabhu)

Invitation to Senior and reputed Citizens:
Blessed Selves
Hari Om! Salutations!

Mr.CV.Appa Swami (9246248728) former Manager Syndicate Bank, Picket Secunderabad  has been coming every day from 10 am to 2.30 pm and coordinates with the office management, teachers, parents and students for the past 5 years.  He says, he is healthy because he sees small charming children coming from various walks of life and family back ground. He distributes chocolates, biscuits and prizes to kids either weekly or occasionally. He is an advisor, organiser, marketing executive and decision maker as per the need.

Gandhian School Picket Secunderabad has a SERVICE Bank  for  ladies & Senior Citizens who wish to render  Honorary  service either regulary (every working day), weekly 2 to 4 days either in the morning10 to 12 noon or  afternoon from 2 to 4 pm or 4 to 6 pm. Following are the areas where in Citizens may render their services.

1.                   Teaching formal subjects Maths, Biology, Physics, Social studies,
              (Languages) English, Hindi or Telugu
2.                   Hindustani/ karnatic music either vocal or instrumental
3.                   Divine and patriotic songs, dance, drawing music
4.                   Yoga , simple exercises, games indoor or outdoor.
5.                   Drawing and music or specialised skills which they posses.
6.                   Career guidance
7.                   Encouraging or promoting men, women and youth to participate in personality     development programme

We welcome such likeminded people who wish to keep themselves in good health by spending their rest of life in serving the young generation to shape them into good Citizens.  Please email your details to Chairman, Indian Education & Cultural Academy (Regd) : , Or call Dr.AnandaPrabhu 9391024933 or directly Mr.AppaSwami.


Chairman IECA

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