Monday, January 7, 2013

Dakshinamurthy of Vizag

Meet Mr Dakshnamurthy of Vizag   

Today I went to attend Sports Day in Senior Citizens Forum, Secunderabad. There were more than 70 members and some rare faces  included Sri Mital, Sri Gururajan, Sri Moghe etc. Many persons participated in Lemon and spoon race , Running race, Shot put etc. As time was short some events were postponed. I was surprised when the secretary opened a large carton of gifts to be given away. There were so many prizes, I think every one who participated got one! I heard names like Sri Valli and Dr BG Krishnamurthy again and again.

 Apart from this, Sri Nemeli Vittal Murthy (NVM as we know him) introduced to me his BIL by name Sri Dakshinamurthy. He is a fascinating person. This septuagenarian, born on 18th July 1936, is essentially an Electrical Engineer from Guindy Engineering College Madras. He worked long years on TISCO and retired in 1996 as Divisional Manager there. He and NVM (of SAIL), you can see, have an iron bonding!!  

 Now comes the interesting part! All through his life, Dakshinamurthy wanted to learn music. While a student, his father prevented him concentrating on anything other than studies. Thereafter, work and family ate away all his time. After retirement he set is heart on his pet project. He signed up for a one year Karnatic Music appreciation course in Sangeetha Gana Kuram run by Kotapathy IVL Shastry. Next he continued a regular course for five full years. Today he is a vocalist invited to participate in Thiagaraja Aaradhana Festivals! His daughter is a popular Music teacher and an AIR artist of great repute. 

 When music runs in his blood can age stop it? I was drawn to his singular passion for music which he pursued after retirement. A fit case study for U3A researchers. A case of productive and positive ageing. This is his way of tackling loneliness, boredom, depression etc - as he has none of these!!! Music keeps him alive and happy.


Sri Dakshinamurthy

30 Annapurna Apartments, Lawsons Bay Colony Visakapatnam 530011

Phone 08008117276 / LL 2539015



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  1. I think Mr. Dakshinamurthy was senior to me by two years in Guindy Engineering College. There was a person by the same name and I wonder if he was the same person. His classmates must have been S Ravi, K Venkataramani, L R Parthasarathy and R Ramamurthy.

    I wish I had an opportunity to meet him.