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Senior Citizens News from Pakistan

Read two news items on Draft Senior Citizens Law in Pakistan.

Press Information Dept, Pakistan
PR No. 89
AGE DEMANDS ACTION: Policy for the Rights of Older People in Pakistan
Islamabad: October 10, 2012

Older People being a vulnerable group have been and still facing
number of problems and issues, the ratio of difficulties is high in
under developing countries like Pakistan. Their vulnerability becomes
double and triples in a disaster or emergency situation, and they have
often been overlooked in humanitarian and development work. Moreover
they are being challenged by discrimination, health, poverty and
social protection issues. Despite the fact older people are still
contributing a lot in the society. There is an utmost need to raise
the issues, needs and concerns of older people and advocate for their

A national seminar was organized by National Council of Social Welfare
(Ministry of Capital Administration and Development), HelpAge
International and Pakistan National Centre on Ageing (PNCA) at
Islamabad to urge the government for a Policy for the rights of Older
people in Pakistan.

According to a recent report by UNFPA and HelpAge International,
Pakistan is one of those 15 countries where population of people over
60 years of age is over 10 million, Currently there are 11.3 Million
people over 60 in Pakistan, which will be increased to 43.3 Million in
2050, making 15.8 percent of the total population.

Speaking to the seminar Ms. Riffat Shaheen Qazi, Secretary Ministry of
CAAD, Said that the state has recognized the need of the indigent
older people and intends to make institutional arrangements. The
policy for older people is dire need, the constitution of Islamic
republic of Pakistan enjoins on the state to alleviate the suffering
of all citizens, irrespective of age, sex, cast, creed or race. She
further said that National Council of social welfare under ministry of
CAAD drafted a bill for the older people and the same bill will be
presented in the parliament after completing consultation with all
line ministries, division departments and other stakeholders.

Ajeeba Aslam, Country Director HelpAge International Pakistan, said
"Population ageing – especially in the developing countries like
Pakistan – requires urgent, strategic actions at national, regional
and global level. She informed that senior citizens bill is pending in
the Pakistan Parliament since 2007 and it's a very fortunate today
that government has advised for consultation of this bill with
stakeholders and it will be then presented to parliament.

Other speakers include Col (Retd) S.K. Tressler, Former Minister,
former Chairman NCSW and Patron PNCA. Mr. Muzaffar Mahmod Qureshi,
Former federal secretary, Mr. S Farogh Naveed, former additional
secretary, Prime Minister Secretariat, Dr Haider Zaman, Mr. Akbar
Hayat Gandapur has also emphasized on the need of policy for the
rights of older people in Pakistan.

Ms. Gayyur Sultana, Director General (Directorate of Social welfare
and Special Education), in her concluding remarks wished all the
success to the organizers and assure her complete support in the
accomplishment of this struggle.


PR No. 91
our most valuable National Asset. CAD is committed to work for the
well-being of the older people. A draft bill is ready to secure the
welfare of the senior citizens.
Islamabad: October 10, 2012

"Senior citizens are our valuable, national asset and we must learn
from their enriched experiences. NGO's, Civil Society and everyone
among us must contribute to secure the rights of the old people. I
commit to play my role on behalf of the ministry in facilitating the
senior citizens of the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) and would
encourage NGO's to play their role in ensuring activities and seminars
so that we could benefit from the expertise of the senior citizens",
said the Secretary.

Secretary Ministry of Capital Administration and Development (CAD),
Mrs. Riffat Shaheen Qazi said while addressing the National Seminar on
Policy for the Rights of elder citizens in Pakistan.

The Secretary said that CAD has prepared a draft bill for protecting
the rights of the senior citizens, which will be introduced in the
National Assembly soon. The draft bill was circulated among the senior
citizens for feed back. She added that Special Desks will be
established at major hospitals like PIMS and Polyclinic to facilitate
the senior citizen visiting these hospitals for medical check up.

"We need to seriously think about our respected senior citizens who
constitute 6% of the total population of the country. Giving respect
to the elder is enshrined in our religion and part of our social
culture. Islamabad Capital Territory Senior Citizens Welfare Bill 2012
shall provide steps for the well-being, comfort and Social Security of
the senior citizens of ICT. The Senior Citizen Welfare Council is to
be constituted after the passage of the Bill, will ensure their well

She added that the Council will formulate Policy Proposals, conduct
research and compile their data and then formulate proposals as per
their requirements and later mobilize financial resources for their

The seminar was jointly organized by OldAge International and Ministry
of CAD. Senior Joint Secretary CAD Abdul Latif Leghari and other
senior officials attended the meeting.

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