Monday, October 8, 2012

Tips for Gmail users - multiple email IDs

Dear Gmail users among my friends:

Do you know that you are having many hidden email addresses
automatically enabled for you? I will just explain three of them.

Supposing my email address is

1. I can use and give it to my
girl friend Brinda. You can distribute different email ids to
different girl friends.

2.I can use and give it to my friend who
always wants to split my name despite saying it is a single word!

3. I can also give as my emailId to some
special friends like you!

ALL messages from all the above IDs will arrive my Inbox for I can filter them selectively to do whatever I
like - "delete without reading" to "preserve for eternity under Label:

Dr P Vyasamoorthy, 30 Gruhalakshmi Colony Secunderabad 500015 Ph
040-27846631 / 9490804278.

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