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Special meeting of APSCCON / FAPSCO on 5th October 2012 with Sri Manda Krishna Madiga

Special meeting of APSCCON / FAPSCO on 5th October 2012 with Kri Manda
Krishna Madiga

APSCCON conducted a special meeting inviting members of APSCCON FAPSCO
HelpAge etc. Nearly thirty persons participated. Prominent persons
like Sri Om Prakash, Sri Uppula Gopala Rao, Sri Parameshwar Reddy,
Prof Visweswaraiah, Sri RN Mital, Sri V Nageswara Rao Sri Rajesh and
others participated. Sri Manda Krishna Madiga of MRPS (Madiga
Reservation Porata Samithi) was the chief guest. Sri Parameshwar
Reddy welcomed all. He said Sri Krishna has come to actively support
the cause of senior citizens. Prof Visweswaraiah explained Gandhi's
famous 4 stage maxim for success – first they ignore you, then they
laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. And he said we have
now entered the third stage of fighting with the government for our
demands. It is prudent to seek the help of seasoned politicians in
this stage.

Sri Upplula Gopala Rao said that SCAs in cities do work to help senior
citizens in their own group – middle class, educated and salaried. But
we do not reach poor seniors in rural areas. If we want to do that
help of persons like Sri Krishna is needed. We should take him as an
advisor for entire senior citizens movement where Fapsco and APSCCON
work together. This was agreed to instantly by all.

Sri Mital mentioned that a working group for social welfare has
submitted its recommendations for the senior citizens welfare to the
Planning Commission for 12th Five Year Plan. If the government accepts
and implements all the recommendations therein most of our demands
will have been met. Therefore he suggested that all important letters
of appeals and demands made by State level organizations like FAPSCO
and APSCCON may be sent to Planning Commission also; If we flood them
with our problems they will sit up.

Sri Krishna said that he would like to be thought of as a dependable
and trustworthy son by every senior citizen couple in the state to
carry out their wishes. He assured that the demands framed by us will
be taken to rural poor seniors and he will raise them as a force to
reckon with by the government. He recollected his success stories with
the disabled (pension increased to Rs 500 pm). He said Disabled in AP
are only 8 Lakh persons out of which only 2 lakhs are senior citizens.
If uniting just 2 Lakh disabled persons could make the govt sit up and
listen, then if senior citizens who are about 80 lakhs are brought
together, then any govt will certainly listen. We should all leverage
our voting power, he stressed.

Sri Krishna explained in detail how he was responsible for Aarogyasri
to come about, though Sri Rajaskera Reddy was initially against it.
He said that he is going on a "Padayatra" and will be back on November
27th. On that day, if a large meeting of all senior citizens is
arranged, some way forward may be seen. He also said that most
political parties write up their manifesto based on their outlook.
Senior citizens demands must come from that community itself and this
must form the basis for any political Party's manifesto. He also said
that there should be a senior citizens representative in Lok Sabha and
Rajya Sabha as well in Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council.
The meeting ended after a number of persons felicitating Sri Krishna
with Bouquets, Shawls and garlands. October 5th 2012 appears to be a
RED LETTER DAY for seniors in AP as someone with a strong political
Will is ready to extend support.

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