Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lakshmi Pain and Palliative care Trust

Lakshmi Pain and Palliative care Trust

This trust has started a Palliative care centre / hospice  in Kilpauk, Chennai that has grown out of erstwhile Nursing home called Sundaravadhnam Nursing Home  which was located in Poondhamalli high Road. They provide out-patient and In-patient care; They also offer to visit patient  in his house. Taking care of Lymphoedema ( swelling of lymph glands) is their specialty.

Taking care of people suffering from intense chronic pain, not necessarily terminally ill cancer patients only  but children and others as well, is routine here. They have special permission to buy morphine in bulk, store and dispense it to patients. Their consultations including medicines is free to poor people. They offer training programs in palliative care to nurses and doctors. Creating awareness – through lectures, Radio talks, articles in news papers etc) among the public about the palliative care  services and its availability is another area where they are concentrating.  According to one survey less than 1% of terminally ill patients get any palliative care. There are only four hospices in Chennai.

The website (  has an FAQ that dispels certain myths. One popular myth, even among doctors, is that Morphine Tablets are habit forming and patients become addicted. Far from true: Morphine, in injection form, used by normal persons can become addictive, informs their website.

If you are concerned with anyone suffering from chronic pain you may refer them here or donate for this cause if you are touched / inclined.


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