Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sayani Surgicals - One stop shop for Disability Aids

Recently a friend of mine asked me to refer a shop where her friend can buy Folding type of Walker. She said  the requirement was urgent. I gave two addresses and contact numbers: one Balaji Surgicals near Bata Show Room in Vikram Puri and another Sayani Sugicals near Shadaan College in Khairatabad - both in Hyderabad.

After a week I rang up my friend to find out whether the addresses were useful. Normally I never do any follow up - be it giving info on Old Age Homes, suppliers of breakfast / meals at doorstep, agencies hiring bedside assistant / ayahs (semi skilled persons to take care of bed ridden old people), fixed deposit rates etc.I was pleasantly surprised  to learn that two persons immediately bought foldable walkers from Sayani Surgicals. They are Dr Gouri Namburi and Dr Hatti - both senior citizens with mobility problems, members of Senior Citizens Forum.

What was surprising is that both were senior citizens, doctors and as well patients / customers themselves; but they did not know that folding type of walkers are available. You can carry it in your car and start using it when you reach the destination. This info was a great relief and they bought it immediately.

My inkling is that merchants do not publicize much. They need to advertise. It is useful not only to them but also to others!!   www.sayanisurgicals.com has a whole range of mobility aids and worthwhile place to visit by senior citizens and their wards.

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