Friday, August 10, 2012

Book Review: Senior Support

Dear Friends

Here is my book review of: Senior Support authored by Dr Indira Jayaprakash.

Book Review: Senior Support – An Informative Booklet for Healthy, Active and Graceful Aging. By Dr Indira Jayaprakash. Published by Federation of Senior Citizens Forums of Karnataka (FSCFK). 2012. Price Rs 100.00 (Complete Address FSCFK: 14, Pushparang, Cornwell Cross Road, Longford Gardens, Bengaluru 560025 (Author contact: "Dr Indira Jayaprakash"



This is a book in the field of gerontology that more than justifies the Title. It is a book empowering senior citizens to lead rest of their lives usefully, productively and gracefully. Under health, topics like heart attack, Parkinson's, mental illnesses, Dementia, nutrition and others are covered. By looking at the Table of Contents, I thought "Geriatric Giants" referred to famous geriatricians. But the essay is about 4  'I's: Incontinence, Instability, Intellectual decline and Immobility!


Under Active Ageing, besides a chapter on it per-se, we find Lifelong Parenting, Euthanasia, Old Age Homes, Planning for retirement, Writing a Will (Sample Will given in Appendix) etc. Chapters under Graceful Aging include: Assistive technologies, Organ donation, protecting one's money, protecting oneself physically etc. As a kind of general overview of the scenario of Senior Citizens, Organizations in the Aging Sector, International Initiatives, and Welfare schemes for senior citizens available from the central government, The Maintenance Act are all given. [In the preceding paragraphs, grouping Chapter titles under categories is mine – not of the author]


Generally books published by NGOs and SCAs lack basic bibliographic details on Title Page or its back. This book gives even ISBN, indicating the involvement of a seasoned academician as the author. Even the printer is ISO9001-2000 certified outfit – the get up, quality and error free printing needs to be appreciated.


I was happy to know of many things like: "1:2:4 situation in China", Chappati Puffer as an assistive device in the elderly woman's kitchen, "walking is the best anti-aging pill" etc. When an annual event enters a book, it shows that it has made a deep impact: You can find a mention (page 64) of Senior Citizens National Protest Day (SCNPD) on every August 16th pioneered by All India Senior Citizens Confederation.


I admire the exhaustive, educative and effective enumerating abilities of Dr Indira Jayaprakash. Most chapters have numbered lists making reading and digesting easy. She is a good packer and a compressor: Just look at how many things she has covered in a two and a half page write-up on Assistive devices -- 84, I could count!


If the Author is bringing out a revised edition, she may think of including RULES framed under Maintenance Act in appendix, some images, cartoons and quotations; she could perhaps make a one line mention about the Society for Serving Seniors which runs a web group called "sss-global". This discussion group keeps 650 senior citizens engaged and entertained, right in their homes.


I recommend this book to every senior citizen interested in improving himself or herself in whatever manner (s)he feels fit.  There is something for everyone in this book.



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Eckhart Tolle explains how to recognize one's Ego nicely in his book: The Power of NOW.


  1. Dear Mr. Vyasamoorthy

    thank you for your review of the book. could you add the following?

    1. the book is a charitable venture. both author and publisher have spent their own resources and got this book printed. THe book is sold
    at highly subsidised rate to help seniors.
    2. Proceedings from the book will go to Building fund of Federation of senior citzens forums of karnataka. so buying this book is helping
    3. I donot have copies or sell them. I also BUY from Fedn when i need copies. buyers may order copies through email: because i am getting queries to supply books.
    or they can write directly to fedn with cheque payable at Bangalore
    drwan on Fedn address.

    thank you very much for being a part of this charitable venture. this
    is the only way we can strengthen our organizations.
    Dr Indira Jayaprakash - Author

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