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Report on Release of HelpAge Survey on Elder Abuse 2012

Report on Release of HelpAge Survey on Elder Abuse 2012

Today HelpAge Hyderabad released their Report on National Survey on Elder Abuse 2012 in a function held on the eve of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on 14th June 2012 at Press Club, Hyderabad. Sri S Dass, Sri RN Mital, Dr Rao Chelikani, Dr CN Gopinath Reddy IPS  and Sri PC Sen IAS  and Sri Devaigna Sharma were on the dais.

Sri Dass welcomed the gathering. He requested press and media persons to publish salient points of the survey. Dr Rao Chelikani said that we should not wait for Governmental intervention only to tackle Elder Abuse problem. Remedy lies in civil society, NGOs, SCAs taking active part in creating awareness among public. Sri Sharma stressed the need to inculcate family values among children. Sri RN Mital spoke Legalized Elder Abuse - viz Elders being harassed under Domestic Vilolence Act and section IPC 498A by daughters in law  by falsely implicating  senior citizens (parents in law) in dowry harassment cases. He said that we should take it up with appropriate authorities to amend the laws suitably.
Sri PC Sen also emphasized that we should not depend on government alone; We should explore employing elders gainfully in areas like healthcare, Self Help Groups, Adjudication etc. Sri Gopinath Reddy stressed we should try to bring back joint family system.

An executive summary of the findings was circulated. A CD containing the full report plus additional info on AP / Hyderabad were also distributed. 
A large banner saying "I Shall not Tolerate Elder Abuse" was signed by a large number of participants, signifying a pledge by individuals.
Some points that attracted my attention are:

1. Primary abuser is son (56%) and next is DIL (23%)
2. More than 50% victims experienced abuse for more than four years
3. Among solutions, more than 62% feel sensitization of children will help; only 33% felt economic independence will help.
4. Delhi NCR witnessed increased incidence of Elder abuse - 12% victims increased to 30% victims
5. Bhopal is the worst: 77.12% elders face abuse

This excellent report by HelpAge must be studied in depth by SCAs, NGOS, Government and of course senior citizens and public. WE have many lessons to learn and apply.

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