Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wise guy?

When I posted the following message earlier in a discussion group meant for senior citizens (sss-global) the post was misunderstood. No caught to satire. Here it is in my blog, where I believe members are sharp! 

I am happy to get some support from another blogger:

In my neighbor's plot,  
- just on the left side of my house,
There were many trees, plants, creepers and bushes
inviting birds and bees to flutter in peace and happiness;
the greenery was a sight to enjoy -  pure unalloyed bliss!

Some wise tenant thought of starting a school for kids;
Wiped out entire plantation, greenery and vegetation,
without any hesitation, thought or compunction -- and
converting the place into a concrete jungle, called it a school !

To teach young children about birds and bees, 
he painted pictures of birds on the walls and other surfaces
and as well started hanging colorful, paper crafted, birds in a clothesline!

P Vyasamoorthy

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