Friday, April 13, 2012

Crime against elders

Crime against elders is increasing. We have been reading many news items thanks to our main news gatherer Sri VRV Rao.

About a week ago, one old woman, about 70, was going around selling leafy vegetables (greens / Aakku koora) near our colony. A young fellow, around twenty, forcibly took away some onions without paying her anything. I can recognize her as she comes daily.

The same guy, sometime later, grabbed her (dirty) cloth bag containing cash proceeds of the day and sped away in his scooter. It was around 10:30 am and she was returning home. She lost about Rs 500/- After shouting and crying "Donga Donga", a few passers by tried to give a chase but it was useless. Nearby witnesses who listened to her pathetic story gave her some money and she went home somewhat consoled but terribly shaken.

Where are we going to, as a nation, I wonder.

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Glossolalia: uttering incomprehensible things during a religious fervor.

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