Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Essay Competition for Senior citizens

Essay Competition for Senior Citizens

CHENNAI: Nandini Voice for the Deprived, a Chennai-based NGO is
organising an essay competition for senior citizens on the following
subject — 'Is the joint family system a glory or ruin of India' Senior
citizens above the age of 60 can participate in the essay competition.
Essay should be of maximum 1,000 words and can be written either in
English or Tamil.
The last date for the receipt of the essay is March 10.
The essays can either be sent by post to NS Venkataraman, Trustee,
Nandini voice for the Deprived, M 60/1, 4th Cross Street, Besant
Nagar, Chennai-600090 or emailed to nsvenkatchennai@ gmail.com.
The competition is being organised at a time when there are divergent
views in society about the concept of joint family system.
While some are of the view that the joint family system is not in tune
with the changing lifestyle in present day society, others feel that
the disappearance of the joint family system is the root cause for
several social problems and stress among the younger generation.



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Archaic laws stop disabled and senior citizens from flying

Archaic laws stop disabled from flying
V Ayyappan, TNN | Feb 28, 2012, 03.54AM IST

CHENNAI: Flying has become a painful experience for disabled people
and senior citizens, aggrevated by the lack of infrastructure and an
abundance of archaic laws.

While several airports including the Chennai airport don't have enough
aerobridges, ambulifts and wheel chairs to shift such people into the
aircraft and out of it, the Aircraft Rules, 1937 bans people with
epilepsy or psychological disorders from flying. It was under this
rule that Jeeja Ghosh, 42, was forced out of the SpiceJet flight

Passengers complain that airlines hide under these rules to justify
preventing some elderly patients to travel. In the case of Ghosh, a
cerebral palsy patient, the airlines didn't understand that her
disorder is not listed under the rules.

The director general of civil aviation's civil aviation requirements
Section 3 defines a disabled person as whose mobility when using
transport is reduced due to any physical disability, intellectual
disability or impairment, or any other cause of disability, or age. It
suggests that airlines should provide all assistance to such
passengers without additional charge. But civil aviation in India is
largely governed by Aircraft Rules 1937.

S Namburajan, state secretary of TN Association of Rights of
Differently-Abled and Care-givers, says pilots use Section 24A of the
Aircraft Rules 1937 to evict disabled passengers. "No person shall
knowingly carry or permit to be carried, or connive at the carriage
of, a person suffering from any mental disorder or epilepsy in any
aircraft,'' says the section.

Those with physical disabilities have other set of woes. Aerobridges
or ambulifts are often not used to board or disembark passengers. And
airlines are not willing to go the extra mile and request for an
aerobridge or ambulift if they have disabled passengers on board
because they will have to pay to use these facilities.

Airports at Chennai, Madurai, Trichy and Coimbatore do not have enough
wheelchairs, aerobridges or ambulifts. If there are wheel chairs,
passengers are forced to wait - inside the aircraft after arrival or
at the terminal to board - till a ground handling staff brings the
chair. "Disabled passengers are not allowed to use their own
wheelchairs because of security reasons in spite of the fact that
Disabilities Act says that aides used by a disabled person should be
considered as part of the body'', says Namburajan.

The Air Passengers Association of India (APAI) last month took up the
matter with DGCA. "We have told DGCA that wheelchair passengers are
roughly handled,'' said APAI president D Sudhakara Reddy. He said
Chennai airport increased the charge for ambulift from 3,000 to 5,000

Chennai airport has modern low-floor buses that can be tilted to roll
in a wheelchair, but all airlines do not use these buses. An official
said it is not possible to provide aerobridges for all airlines
because traffic has gone up.
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Padmasri Dr VS Natarajan - Geriatrician

The art of ageing

THE BEST OF LIFE Dr. V.S. Natarajan Photo: S.S. Kumar
It's not about stopping the clock, but about positive ageing. Hema Vijay meets Dr. V.S. Natarajan, India's first professor in Geriatric Medicine, who was awarded the Padma Shri recently
Geriatrics may sound an age-old concept to us now, but back in the late Seventies, when a young and inspired Dr. V.S. Natarajan was setting up the country's first geriatric outpatient wing at the Madras Medical College and Hospital, it was a baby step into unknown territory. “I could not have done it without the support of Dr. S. Balakrishnan, the then professor of Therapeutics at MMC,” Dr. Natarajan is quick to mention.
Now, after over three decades of caring for the aged, Dr. Natarajan has been recognised for the path-breaking service he has rendered to senior citizens, by being conferred the Padma Shri this year. “It is an honour for all senior citizens of the country, is the overwhelming congratulatory message that I keep getting”, he says with a smile.
Reading Fergusson Anderson's Problems of the Aged was a great inspiration, and following late MMC Prof. A.L. Annamalai's suggestion, Dr. Natarajan headed to U.K.'s Southampton General Hospital in 1973 to train in geriatric medicine. Ever since, the doctor has continued making pioneering achievements — he established the country's first geriatric inpatient ward in 1988.
In 1996, he established the country's first M.D. programme in geriatrics under the MGR University. Dr. Natarajan was also part of the team at the NGO Senior Citizens Bureau, which started the popular senior citizens' journal, Link Age.
Then, there is the unique memory clinic that he runs for the elderly, and the free geriatric camp that he holds every week at various villages in the state, which have no access to health care, leave alone geriatric care. “When I retired, I decided to move into the community to serve”, he says, adding, “The idea was to prevent health trouble, rather than just resorting to treatment when trouble strikes”.
Over the years, Dr. Natarajan has been making a sustained pitch for promoting geriatric care through numerous research papers, books (Nutrition for Better Health in Old Age, Ageing Beautifully), videos (Mind your Mind) and conferences.
Doctor at your doorstep
Recently, Dr. Natrajan helped the Senior Citizens Bureau establish the Geriatric House Call project, which is a helpline that brings doctors and nurses to the doorstep of the elderly, through just a phone call (26412030, 9884145189, 28231388). Several of Dr. Natarajan's former students are part of this 35-doctor strong helpline which includes physiotherapists, general physicians, geriatricians, nursing assistants and even a drug delivery service (9962013178). Efforts are on to establish such help lines in the cities of Madurai and Tiruchi. Dr. Natarajan also reckons that there is great scope for trained geriatric nursing assistants. “If our poor and less educated girls and boys can be trained in this, it would be a route to financial independence for them, besides satisfying the huge need of the growing numbers of financially-independent but physically-dependent elders in society”, he points out.
Not just cardiac issues, but memory loss, dementia, osteoporosis, falls and urinary incontinences are areas that senior citizens need to stay on guard about, informs Dr. Natarajan, who never misses his morning walk and meditation routine every day. Dr. Natarajan continues, “About 30 to 40 per cent of memory loss is treatable, but many senior citizens suffer its impact without seeking treatment. And do you know, pneumonia, which troubles so many elders can be prevented by a vaccine that gives protection for 10 years? Properly handled, old age can be a good period of life.”
Especially so, if you are working for others, focused on a bigger vision than personal goals, like this 72-year-old.


Notice to Pensioners

Notice to Pensioners

CPAO has set-up a Toll Free Call Centre for registration and redressal
of grievances of all Central Civil Pensioners (Ministries except
Railways, Post & Telecom and Defence) : 1800-11-77-88

You may call at the above number to register any grievance with CPAO
and obtain the registration number. The Toll Free Call Centre will be
operational from 9.00 A.M. to 5.30 P.M. on all working days.

You may also register your Grievance on the Website www.cpao.nic.in or
send it through e-mail atcccpao@nic.in

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Tata Housng - Central Bank - Housing Loan for Seniors - Reverse Mortgage

Here is some good news. Tata Housing and Central Bank have come
together to 1) give loans to seniors for buying houses 2) Tie up with
Reverse Mortgage if necessary to complete the loans / EMI
So, idea proposed by B Rama Rao is working. Let us hope the idea
spreads to other banks and other housing projects as well
Now read on for details .....

2 FEB, 2012, 10.10PM IST, PTI
Central Bank of India in pact with Tata Housing for loan to pensioners

MUMBAI: State-owned Central Bank of India today signed an agreement
with Tata Housing to offer a special home loan product exclusively
designed for pensioners.

"We have signed an agreement with Tata Housing for our newly developed
home loan product that will be offered to the pensioners at the
upcoming Tata Housing's project at Washim on Mumbai's northern
outskirts," Central Bank General Manager R Sangapure told PTI.

The product, CentHome Swabhiman Plus, which is yet to be approved by
the regulator RBI, seeks to fund home buyers in the age group of 55-70
at a concessional rate, he said.

While loans under Rs 30 lakh will attract only the bank's prevailing
base rate, those above this amount will be available at 0.25 per cent
above the base rate. The bank has scrapped processing fee on loans
under this product, he said.

Tata Housing is developing a township at Washim, where one of the
projects with 150 housing units is being developed for pensioners.
Tata Housing Managing Director Brotin Banerjee could not be reached
for comments.

Explaining the rationale behind the product, Sangapure said, "this is
aimed at helping the elderly as banks mostly do not lend to people
after or near retirement. We thought of changing this and helping the
needy home buyers.

The product seeks to offer reverse mortgage option to customers unable
to service the loan after some time. It also seeks to fund the
borrowers who want to avail of the special medical fund being created
by Tata Housing, which has priced Washim housing units in Rs 25-40
lakh range, Sangapure said.

About the city-based lender's plan to launch a special product to help
redevelopment of old housing societies in Mumbai, which seeks to
directly finance the residents of the society instead of the
developer, as is the practice, he said, the bank will approach RBI
again with the proposal.

RBI has objected to the bank's plan to fund demolition and
rehabilitation costs under this scheme, he said.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Code of Conduct of treating Elders

National Pensioners Commission, UK has come out with a code of conduct
in Nursing Homes and other places like OAH on how elderly must be
treated., essentially from the point of view of preventing Elder
Abuse. The short Code is attached. If our government takes up amending
MWPSCA this document will be useful to send our comments /

A copy of the code has been kept for public download here:


It is reproduced here below

Dignity Code

The purpose of this Dignity Code is to uphold the rights and maintain
the personal dignity of older people, within the context of ensuring
the health, safety and well being of those who are increasingly less
able to care for themselves or to properly conduct their affairs.

This Code recognises that certain practices and actions are
unacceptable to older people, such as:

• Being abusive or disrespectful in any way, ignoring people or
assuming they cannot do things for themselves
• Treating older people as objects or speaking about them in their
presence as if they were not there
• Not respecting the need for privacy
• Not informing older people of what is happening in a way that they
can understand
• Changing the older person's environment without their permission
• Intervening or performing care without consent
• Using unnecessary medication or restraints
• Failing to take care of an older person's personal appearance
• Not allowing older people to speak for themselves, either directly
or through the use of a friend, relative or advocate
• Refusing treatment on the grounds of age

This Code therefore calls for:

• Respect for individuals to make up their own minds, and for their
personal wishes as expressed in 'living wills', for implementation
when they can no longer express themselves clearly
• Respect for an individual's habits, values, particular cultural
background and any needs, linguistic or otherwise
• The use of formal spoken terms of address, unless invited to do otherwise
• Comfort, consideration, inclusion, participation, stimulation and a
sense of purpose in all aspects of care
• Care to be adapted to the needs of the individual
• Support for the individual to maintain their hygiene and personal appearance
• Respect for people's homes, living space and privacy
• Concerns to be dealt with thoroughly and the right to complain
without fear of retribution
• The provision of advocacy services where appropriate

Walkden House, 10 Melton Street, London NW1 2EJ


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Monday, February 20, 2012

EPFO may fix minimum pension at Rs 1000 per month

EPFO may fix minimum pension at Rs.1,000 per month

The Hindu Feb 20 2012

Board meeting will discuss proposal to issue contribution cards
similar to bank passbooks

Retirement fund body EPFO (Employees' Provident Fund of India) may
take a final decision on fixing the minimum pension for its
subscribers at Rs.1,000 per month, at a meeting of the Central Board
of Trustees (CBT) scheduled on February 22.

"The EPFO's apex decision-making body the CBT could fix minimum
pension at Rs.1,000 per month for its subscribers, at a meeting this
month," All India Trade India Congress Secretary D.L. Sachdev told

Mr. Sachdev, who is also an EPFO trustee, said the proposal was listed
on the agenda for the CBT meet on February 22.

The trustee said the CBT would also discuss the proposal to issue
contribution cards similar to bank passbooks to its over 4.72 crore
subscribers, which would be updated on a monthly basis from April 1.

According to EPFO data, as of March 31, 2010, there were 35 lakh
pensioners subscribed to the retirement fund body, of which 14 lakh
persons get a monthly pension of less than Rs. 500.

The number of EPFO pensioners getting a monthly pension of Rs.1,000 is
7 lakh. The data reveals there are cases where pensioners are getting
a monthly pension as low as Rs. 12 and Rs. 38.

As per estimates, the proposal to hike the minimum pension to Rs.1,000
per month will require an additional contribution of 0.63 per cent of
subscribers' basic pay and dearness allowance to the pension account.

The hike in contribution will be over and above the 8.33 per cent
contributed by employers toward the pension account of employees, as
well as the 1.16 per cent provided by the government under the scheme.

Keywords: EPFO, Central Board of Trustees, minimum pension

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cops help reunite abandoned elderly man with his son

Please read the following news item.

After reading many such news items on MWPSCA,  I feel that Tamilnadu
Police are very senior citizens friendly. Can you suggest ways to
encourage them? Here is my suggestion. The Superintendent of Police
Tirupur is Sri V Balakrishnan, IPS. His email ID is:
Balakrishnan <v.balky.ips@gmail.com>
How about writing a small note of appreciation to him directly?

Cops help reunite abandoned elderly man with son

TIRUPUR: An elderly man who landed on the streets of Tirupur after
being abandoned by his children, got to see the good side of police
when they convinced his son to take him under his care. The
70-year-old man, Maran, was allegedly left to fend for himself by his
two sons and a daughter over a month ago. On Friday last, the Tirupur
Superintendent of Police V Balakrishnan spotted Maran pleading for
alms outside the Kaithamalai temple at Uttukuli near here.

"When I inquired with him about his family, he said that he hailed
from Thoothukudi and had taken to begging as he did not have anyone to
take care of him. Later, on the Superintendent of� Police's
directions, Baluchandran, a constable attached to the Special Branch
of Uttukuli police station, made extensive inquiries with locals about
the man.

"I found out that one of his sons Palanisamy was living in Karaipudur
village near Uttukuli. I informed the Superintendent of Police and
later spoke to Palanisamy and convinced him that it was his moral
responsibility to take care of his father," Baluchandran said.

The police also told Palanisamy that it was an offence to abandon
one's parents as per a legislation enacted in Tamil Nadu. The police
also met local panchayat officials who helped Maran avail old age
pension from the State government.

In recognition of Baluchandran's efforts, the SP honoured him with a
cash reward. "People can inform police about abandoned elders and we
will take steps to help them," Balakrishnan added.


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Monday, February 13, 2012

Nav Bharat and SCUP for senior citizens

Other than ensuring good health what are the things that elders must ensure while planning for the future?
The three most important things that one must remember while planning for the future are: 1) to invest one's money safely, 2)insure oneself for medical benefits and 3)Write a Will.

What are the schemes being offered to Senior Citizens regarding investment and insurance?
SeniorIndian.com has given below some links to learn about a few schemes offered to Senior Citizens.
  • LIC Policy NavPrabhat - A Special Plan for Senior Citizens
  • Senior Citizens' Unit Plan (SCUP) from Unit Trust of India

LIC's "NAV PRABHAT" :  (Courtesy LIC of India)
Old age may bring in its wake, not only wisdom but also problems. Some people may be faced with financial problems, others may have health problems and yet others may have relatives dependent on them. To take care of some of the problems of old age, LIC has, in the 'Year of Senior citizens', come out with "Nav Prabhat". It provides for risk cover at a comparatively low cost and relief for disability due to accident or illness and an option for a life pension after the maturity of the policy. It is a plan that not only takes care of old age needs but also provides for dependants.
Disability Benefit : This is the only plan which offers benefits on total permanent disability due to sickness and even on partial permanent disability due to accident. The benefits will be in the form of waiver of further premiums and regular payments of 5 to 10% of the Sum Assured every year during the term of the policy subject to certain conditions.
(a) Maturity Benefit: On the life assured surviving the maturity date, a sum equal to the total amount of premiums paid during the term of the contract (excluding all extra premiums, if any) together with Loyalty Addition, if any, will become payable. The policyholder will have an option to have the maturity benefit in the form of an immediate life pension at the rates prevailing at the time of maturity. 
(b) Payment on Death : On death during the term of the policy, the basic Sum Assured together with Loyalty Addition, if any, will be payble.
(c) Accident Benefit : Accident Benefit is available subject to certain conditions.
(d) Loyalty Addition : Likelihood of Loyalty Addition subject to certain conditions.   

a. Minimum age at entry 50 years nearest birthday
b. Maximum age at entry 70 years nearest birthday
c. Minimum age at Maturity 60 years nearest birhtday 
d. Maximum age Maturity 75 years nearest birthday
e. Minimum policy term 5 years
f. Sum Assured Mimimum of Rs. 50,000 and  in multiples of
Rs. 50,000  thereafter up to a Maximum of  Rs.20,000
g. Modes of Premium Yly, Hly, Qly, Single Premium
LIC Policy NavPrabhat - A Special Plan for Senior Citizens
LIC's Other policies

Unit Trust of India's "Senior Citizens' Unit Plan" (SCUP)

Senior Citizens' Unit Plan is a hospitalisation insurance scheme which helps you to save for hospitalisation costs for you and your spouse up  to Rs. 5 lakhs after the age of 58 years, at the best private hospitals in the country. At present UTI has tied up with 184 hospitals in 55 cities  and towns across the country for this purpose. Apart from the hospitalisation cover the investor will also be receiving a regular annuity from the age of 58. Further, the investor can also have a lumpsum savings - referred to as the residual amount which could be withdrawn after 61. Hospitalisation cover however, will continue for lifetime of both the member and his/her spouse. 
1. Date of introduction : 03/05/1993. 
2. A medical insurance Scheme which provides hospitalisation cover. 
3. The cover includes the investor and his spouse.
4. Tie up with 184 hospitals in 55 cities and towns across the country. 
5. After completing 54 years of age, the investor will be issued an identity card and a log book for both the investor and his/her spouse.
6. The investor or his/ her spouse can produce the identity card and log book at any of the 184 empanelled hospitals and avail of treatment  without having to settle the bills. Bills will be settled by M/s New India  Assurance Co. Ltd. 
7. After the investor completes 58 years of age he/she and his / her spouse gets a hospitalisation cover of Rs.2.5 lakhs, which is later enhanced to Rs.5 lakhs on the investor completing 61 years. After the  investor becomes entitled for hospitalisation cover, for every claim free year, the hospitalisation cover is enhanced by 5 % (subject to ceiling of 10 such enhancements). 
8. There is an expense limit of Rs.1.5 lakhs for every illness(defined as a continuous period of treatment for a period of 45 days or relapse within 45 days).  
9. Name of the Registrar : M/s UTI Investors Services Ltd.

Sent by Sri Madhsudhana Rao

Saturday, February 11, 2012

kerala: 10% seats in ordinary buses reserved for Senior citizens

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Elderly people can now heave a sigh of relief.
For, more seats in all ordinary and limited stop ordinary buses plying
in the state are going to be demarcated for the old people.
Ten percent of the total seats in all buses inclusive of� KSRTC
ordinary/limited stop ordinary schedules will be reserved exclusively
for the grey population against the existing five percent. Orders have
been issued in this regard, according to transport minister V S
The Minister informed that strict instructions have gone to the
officials concerned that reservation of seats for the elderly in the
revised pattern should be ensured through clear demarcation in buses
at the time of issuing fitness certificate and during inspection.


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Friday, February 10, 2012

Discount in private hospitals for Senior citizens with Aasara Card

Discounts for sr citizens at pvt hospitals

Hyderabad: Senior citizens holding Aasara cards issued by the Greater
Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) will get a 20% discount on
out-patient bills and 10% on in-patient bills at private hospitals.
The AP Specialty Hospitals' Association agreed to extend the discount
facility to the senior citizens upon a request from GHMC commissioner
MT Krishna Babu during a meeting on Monday. The commissioner asked the
hospital managements to display the benefits they would provide to
senior citizens under the Aasara project. Hospital managements said
that they would introduce the discount scheme at the earliest.

TOI Hyderabad pag 5 7/2/2012

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PM approves setting up of National Council for Senior Citizens

PM approves setting up National Council for Senior Citizens
NetIndian News Network
Delhi, January 31, 2012

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has approved the constitution of a
National Council for Senior Citizens, which will be chaired by the
Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment.

The Council would advise the Central and State Governments on issues
related to welfare of senior citizens and enhancement of their quality
of life with special reference to policies, programmes and legislative
measures; promotion of physical and financial security, health and
independent and productive living, and awareness generation and
community mobilization, an official press release said.

Other members of the Council include the Minister of State, Social
Justice & Empowerment, the oldest Members of Lok Sabha and Rajya
Sabha, representatives of five State Governments (one each from the
North, South, East, West & North Eastern Regions) and one Union
Territory by rotation, five representatives each from Senior Citizens'
Associations, Pensioners' Association, NGOs working for Senior
Citizens and Experts, and five senior citizens who have distinguished
themselves in various fields.

The Council would be anchored in the Ministry of Social Justice &
Empowerment, the release added.

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In India senior citizens are about 10% In UK they are 20%

Coimbatore Senior Citizens struggle for OAP

Elderly struggle to avail pension benefits
TNN | Feb 1, 2012, 04.38AM IST

COIMBATORE: Although 75-year-old Rukumani had submitted petitions to
the collector several times stating that she is yet to receive her old
age pension, she is still waiting to receive it. She is just one among
30 in Elgi Thottam, situated in ward 41, who is waiting to avail the
government scheme.

On Monday Rukumani along with 30 others submitted her petition at the
collectorate, hoping that this time at least the district
administration would fulfil their request. "I don't have children. I
have worked my entire life as a labourer. Now I am too old to work.
Though I am eligible for old age pension, the officials refuse to take
action," Rukumani said.

"My son does not live with us anymore and my husband and I have been
living alone for the past few years," said K Parvathy, another
petitioner here.

A Radhika, president of Janagraha Mathai Sang said that they had
submitted the petition at least seven times. However, district
officials have not taken any action to resolve the issue. "They want
us to submit the below poverty line certificate, but we are yet to
receive it from the village administrative officer," she said. She
revealed that the district administration has got approval to
distribute pension to 30,000 more persons.

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In India senior citizens are about 10% In UK they are 20%