Monday, December 26, 2011

Maintenance of Parents - Sec 125 of CrPC

Judgments under Sec 125 of CrPC
Judgments – Section 125 CrPC – Maintenance of Parents
Section 125 (1) (d) of Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 is a provision
in Indian Law whereby a Magistrate can order children to make a
payment of monthly allowance as maintenance to their Parents (father
or mother).
Relevant extracts from a few Judgments of Supreme Court and various
High Courts of India are enumerated below, wherein Courts have
pronounced following major decisions :• Father or mother must be
unable to maintain himself or herself• Fulfilment of parental
obligation is not a pre-condition to claim maintenance• Daughter is
liable to pay maintenance to parents• Adoptive mother can claim
maintenance• Step-mother can claim maintenance• Application for
maintenance to be filed where the son / daughter lives

The amount is limited Rs 500 per month maximum.

I can give details of salient features of such judgments to anyone interested.

Extract from an article - sent by Vyasamoorthy

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